Video game translation agency: the added value you need

Video game translation agency
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The work of a video game translation agency is a fundamental part in the launch of a new product. Video games are the star products of the entertainment industry and their international expansion is the goal of their creators.

In this aspect, the translation of video games is an indispensable step to be able to launch a video game with greater guarantees of success in several countries.

User experience (UX) is the key

The success of video games as a form of entertainment over movies or music goes hand in hand with the complete user experience it offers. In order for it to become a successful product, a video game must have certain characteristics:

  • The technical quality and the cost of the production process of some video games put them on a par with film productions. Gamers are looking for video games with narratives and plots that engage them, protagonists with charisma and emotionally immersive stories.
  • Sound. Music is an essential part of a video game, bringing strength and meaning to the visual elements. The background sounds of the different scenarios in which the plot unfolds are also a powerful sensory stimulus.
  • Graphics. The visual element is one of the biggest selling points of a video game. The user seeks to be totally immersed in the adventure and, to achieve this, the role played by the graphics is fundamental.
  • Gameplay. It refers to both the functional aspects of the game (ease of use, control, movements, duration or variety of actions) and the quality of the experience the player has (immersion in the game and fun).

If to all this, you manage to add loads of creativity and originality, the video game can end up being a reference in the sector. In addition to being a creative work, the development of a video game is a business in which significant amounts are invested. The objective is to achieve sales figures that are profitable for the investment, and to achieve this, the video game must attract users by having all of the aforementioned characteristics.

If you are wondering how to make the most of these values in different target markets, the answer lies in video game translation and localization. But how will it help you? We will tell you about it in detail.

localization in video games

Learn why video game translation and localization is an added value

A professional video game translation and localization service is essential to achieve the goal of making the user feel that they are part of the story as part of the characters, immersed for a few hours in the virtual reality of the game.

You will hardly succeed if you do not understand the story, dialogues, menus or descriptions or, even if you do, the translation is of poor quality and ruins the gaming experience. It is important to keep in mind that this is a very complex process that requires expert video game translators to make the gamer perceive the game as if it had been developed in their own country and language.

The added value of a good video game translation can be summed up in these points:

  • It completely adapts the video game to the language and culture of the different countries where the product is launched, avoiding any element to be incomprehensible or out of place.
  • It manages to match the naming of elements (characters, places, spells, tricks or weapons, among others) with names according to each target market.
  • It localizes the game without distorting its original meaning and respecting customs, sense of humor or even religion.

The professional contribution of a video game translation agency such as Linguaserve is the key to ensuring that your video game not only reaches all markets, but that it does so aspiring to become a success.