Website translation: essential to the future of real estate

website translation on real estate
By January 26th, 2022 | web translation | 0 Comments

If there is a sector in which website translation is especially relevant, that is real estate. The housing demand is rapidly growing. A country like Spain is really attractive for people from other countries that are looking for a place to spend their vacation, work or even live after retiring.

Communicating with them in their own language is a big advantage real estate can leverage by collaborating with a professional translation agency capable of providing the client with all the linguistic services they may require depending on their needs.

Why should real estate count on a translation company?

The climate, the food and the cultural and scenic richness are some of the treasures that turn our towns and cities into a true paradise where people from the rest of Europe and the world decide to stay. There are several groups of people interested in it and will therefore resort to a real estate agency to find a house.

Gerontocracy is a fact in society. The number of retirees is growing in Europe and thanks to their strong purchasing power they settle in Spain. In this sense, according to the Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2020 ranking, retirees from Nordic countries and the Netherlands are among those who have the strongest purchasing power in the world.

Digitalization and technological development around the world have caused the appearance of new professionals that can develop their work practically anywhere in the world and many of them choose our country to do so.

They are workers who generally have higher salaries and who are sure about what they are looking for, hence, it is very important to be able to communicate with them in their own language in a natural and familiar way, as in the place of origin of this public. To do so, translation of real estate websites is an approachable solution which has proven to be effective.

The third group of people who look for accommodation in our country are students of post-compulsory education. Beyond student dorms at universities, which also use website translation and localization services regularly to attract future students, there are many university students who prefer sharing an apartment or renting a studio apartment, and will have to turn to the real estate market to find it in the city they are interested in.

All of them need to understand what they are being offered and find all the information in their own language, which can make them opt for one translation company or another.

Characteristics and advantages of website translation      

Website translation as a key element to offer benefits to real estate, must be very focused on the public it is addressed to. A good website translation and localization service is essential in order to connect with the target audience’s characteristics, using their vocabulary.

It is not only about translating the content in Spanish into other languages, but doing so by putting oneself in the shoes of the person we want to convince that we are the best real estate agency to cover their needs. If done well, the expansion of companies in the sector will be capable of breaking the last boundary with the potential client, that of communication, and increase their business capacity.

Content and languages that demand a specialized translation

There is much content that is offered to this target market. Some are:

  • Websites. The translation of your website is the best showcase for your real estate agency, which is why this type of business should consider it an absolute must.
  • Promotions.
  • Presentation of real estate properties.
  • Descriptions of the properties.
  • Catalogs.
  • Offered services.
  • Legal information.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Contracts.

In terms of languages you might ask yourself... Should I translate my business’ website only into English? The truth is, besides translating your website into English, you should also translate it into European languages such as French and German and now even into languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

The complexity of the product and the multilingualism it demands, far from being an obstacle for the sector to grow, is an opportunity when collaborating with a translation agency that offers the services needed at each time, such as legal translation, sworn translation (which is not the same), interpreting and, of course, perfect website translation and localization. Counting on a multidisciplinary team through a company with expert translators is the best investment.

In conclusion, in such a sensitive and competitive sector as that of real estate, good specialized website translation shows an interest in being understood and facilitates fluent communication that transmits confidence and security in the interested parties.