Video marketing strategies: how to make your business grow

Video marketing is one of the most successful business strategies for attracting customers and increasing product or service sales today.

Video marketing is a simple and attractive way to reach users and to enhance their relationship with companies by generating greater engagement between the brand and the public.

Statistics on the subject prove it. A Renderforest survey yielded, among other equally revealing figures, the following:

  • 78% of companies that include a video on their website increased visitor traffic.
  • 69% increased the number of potential customers and 54% increased the number of sales.
  • 85% of people establish a stronger relationship with the brand.
  • Including videos in emails increases click-through rates by 300%.

Learn about the different video marketing strategies

There are different video marketing strategies. Company must each choose the ones that best fit their needs. Here are some of the ones used most:

  • E-learning/video tutorials. A lot people search for them on the Internet, and they’re a great way to position yourself as an expert and bring your brand closer to potential customers.
  • Video advertisements. A classic that still works for many companies. The key is to offer short content that strikes an emotional chord and generates interaction.
  • Webinar. Ideal for specialized topics.
  • Vlog. Blogging through video.
  • Videocast. Another adaptation, in this case of podcasts.
  • 360º video. For companies in the tourism, travel or event organization sector. It is a great way to get the user more immersed in the content.
  • User-Generated Content. Surely the most innovative option in video marketing. This content is generated by users based on their experience with a product or service. Integrating demo videos or reviews in the video marketing strategy gives other users a more real and objective view.

Benefits of video marketing for businesses

Audiovisual content is very well liked by audiences and has become an key element in corporate marketing. These are the benefits of video marketing:

  • Increases organic positioning, as users stay on the site longer.
  • The conversion rate is increased. Video content instills more confidence and credibility in the product or service.
  • It helps integrate users in the story. Video marketing is perfect for storytelling, which is one of the most engaging marketing techniques.
  • It creates greater engagement with the brand. The user perceives video marketing as more personal content that’s easier to remember.
  • It drives traffic to the brand's website. If the video has piqued the user's interest, the next step is to visit the brand’s website. It is also re more likely to be shared.
  • Video marketing content can be used in a variety of Internet marketing channels.

Subtitling boosts the results of video marketing strategies

Here is why video subtitling enhances the benefits of video marketing:

  1. It improves the reach of audiovisual content. Because we don't all speak the same language, subtitling can internationalize your video marketing content.
  2. It increases accessibility. It’s essential that all users can access your content. Subtitling eliminates the barrier of hearing impairment.
  3. It satisfies user preferences. Most consumers choose to turn off the sound in public and many also choose to watch subtitled video in private.
  4. It increases understanding and reinforces learning of the subject matter.
  5. It improves video SEO. Subtitling is not only well-received by users, but it also improves positioning, as Google indexes subtitles added manually.

Video marketing is one of the top trends for companies. At Linguaserve, we have the most advanced editing and authoring tools for subtitling your videos in the format you need, with the most appropriate features for your needs.

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