Translation and localization for brands at international events

Translation and localization at international events are essential to fully leverage the brand-building opportunities they provide. However, having impeccable language services is absolutely necessary. A single mistranslation or localization oversight can undo all the hard work and reduce the brand’s value to little more than a meme.


Engaging in international events greatly enhances the relevance of brands

Opting to participate and establish a presence at international or global events is a great opportunity for brands. Brand-building for international events such as sports competitions, world expos, cultural festivals, fashion shows, and many other examples offers an optimal platform to develop a well-crafted marketing and promotional strategy. Although this undertaking involves investment and dedication, it yields a highly valuable asset.

Some of the key benefits stemming from this include:

  • Reinforcing the brand image, both nationally and internationally.
  • Elevating the brand reputation.
  • Engagement and sponsorship at these events provide access to an enormous audience that is difficult to reach by other means.
  • Advertising at these events ensures that the brand’s name and logo resonate with millions of people.

Translation and localization for brand-building at international events

Brand-building entails a comprehensive range of planned activities aimed at creating awareness and fostering public recognition. The perception of brands has evolved, with consumers adopting a more active role. Beyond mere transactional engagement, the public wants to know the backstory and values that uphold a brand. This is the only way to establish an emotional bond between individuals and the brand.

Just as athletes, actors, singers, and celebrities cultivate their personal brands to evoke emotions and connections with their audience, resulting in advertising and consumer experiences, businesses can similarly tap into the vast audiences of these international events.

Events like the football’s Super Bowl, soccer’s UEFA Champions League final, the Venice International Film Festival, and the Glastonbury Music Festival in the United Kingdom serve as examples of such global gatherings.

These events attract audiences spanning a range of languages, cultures, and social norms. A good translation and localization service for brand-building serves as the most effective partner in making the most of a presence at these massive international events.

A professional translation and localization for international events takes on the task of transforming the message and the content to convey its original essence in a way that feels familiar and understandable to all the people it reaches.

Every aspect linked to the brand (name, logo, symbols, content, images) needs to be adapted to prevent any misinterpretation or cultural or social insensitivity.

Thanks to technology, marketing professionals have an extensive array of digital advertising channels and platforms at their fingertips. These tools enable them to connect with global audiences at international events.

The success of investments in these platforms hinges on the efforts of a translation company that boasts the best human resources, quality protocols, as well as the most efficient methodologies and state-of-the-art technology, enabling them to handle the translation and localization of every textual, graphic, and audiovisual element incorporated into the campaign.

At Linguaserve, as experts in translation and multilingual communication, we offer an optimal translation and localization service for international events. Our expertise is backed by our vast experience in navigating multicultural and multilingual contexts.

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