Translation agency for dubbing product videos

Translating and dubbing product videos for an e-commerce business is an increasingly common request for translation and interpretation agencies like Linguaserve. This can be attributed to the fact that more companies are moving their business towards a growing international market, as well as the importance of having good audiovisual material that reflects the characteristics of companies’ products. Let's take a look at why you should consider this service for your company.

Why should you have audiovisual content on your company's website?

Videos have become the best to way to communicate on a website in recent years. Gone are the days when websites displayed their products with basic text and static graphics. Today, descriptive videos are king.


Image and sound are the perfect combination for conveying everything you want customers to take in when selling your product or service. Visual elements are the best way to guarantee that your potential customers get an in-depth understanding of what you're selling, allowing them a first-hand look at your product, how it works, who is behind its creation, and the manufacturing process.

A video offers detailed visual information, and it is a powerful tool for strengthening your company's brand image. Audiovisual content on your website will set you apart from the competition and will allow you to demonstrate your values and the essence of your company. For all these reasons, product videos are now an integral part of any content strategy for a company with visibility on the Internet. 

As an added advantage, embedded videos on a website increase the time users spend on it, thus positively impacting its positioning.


The importance of hiring an expert dubbing agency

If your company's website has been translated into different languages in line with your strategy to expand your market beyond your own country, it stands to reason that all non-textual content should also be translated. By doing so, you will bring coherence to your website, as all content, including audiovisuals and graphics, will be translated.

This is a task that needs to be left in the hands of a professional translation and dubbing agency, as this is the only way to guarantee quality content for your audience. This process involves subtitling or dubbing everything that is said in the video, using professionals who are native speakers of the language you have chosen for translation. Hire the right professionals and guarantee a result that meets the quality standards you are looking for as a client.


As you can see, the need for descriptive videos on your e-commerce website is growing, and your company can’t afford to be left behind with inadequate audiovisual content. Video translation and dubbing is now a must if you want the audiovisual content on your website to cater to your target audiences.