Transcreation, also for the healthcare sector

Transcreation for the healthcare sector
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Transcreation is a service that most companies associate with marketing and advertising. However, the area of application of transcreation covers much more and brings benefits to a wide range of professional activities.

One of the sectors that can benefit from this service is healthcare. Read on to find out how a transcreation service helps healthcare institutions and companies.

Why is transcreation key for the healthcare sector?

Transcreation for the healthcare sector is a very valuable tool for public institutions and companies, large and small, linked to healthcare.

The scope of the healthcare sector, both public and private, is very broad and includes services as varied as these:

  • Health promotion.
  • Disease prevention.
  • Treatments.
  • Assistance for the sick.
  • Departmental policies.
  • Non-governmental organizations.
  • Community groups providing health services.
  • Professional associations.

This extensive network of institutions, companies and organizations is in permanent contact with consumers of healthcare services who belong to very different socio-cultural and linguistic contexts.

In the Internet era, communication has no timetable and transcreation is the key to access for all types of audiences requiring information and services: users, suppliers and consumers must understand each other, adapting messages to the language, culture, level of knowledge and idiosyncrasies of each target audience.

Discover the advantages of transcreation in the healthcare sector

Transcreation in the healthcare sector is essential for the international projection of companies and institutions. These are some of its applications:

  • Internationalization of healthcare SMEs. The transcreation applied to corporate websites allows reaching potential customers in other countries, both B2B and B2C. Cultural, linguistic and technical adaptation is key to communicating in such a sensitive and precise sector as healthcare.
  • Digital communication with users. Technological progress provides a permanent relationship between the user and the healthcare sector. Digital tools allow access to information, appointment requests and online consultations. Transcreation applied to the development of mobile apps and health technology portals eliminates language barriers for all users.
  • International outreach campaign. To raise awareness of a disease or health condition among different audiences, it is necessary to deliver a message adapted to the linguistic and cultural particularities of each audience. Transcreation maintains the accuracy, technical precision and appeal of the original content.

The transcreation service applied to the healthcare sector captures the nuances and values of users from different languages and cultures. Whether it is a question of internationalizing a healthcare company's website or offering a mobile app for communication with users, transcreation is essential.

The healthcare sector is an area that must combine scientific knowledge with the special sensitivity required for communication with patients. Counting on transcreation specialists such as those at Linguaserve guarantees you will achieve this result thanks to the experience they have.

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