Tools to measure your international SEO efforts

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Tools to measure your international SEO efforts

Do you want to develop an international SEO strategy to obtain good positioning for your content in international markets? International SEO is more complex than local SEO, as each parameter must be considered according to the place where you want to position yourself. 

We tell you about the points to consider and what tools are necessary to measure and evaluate the indicators.

Points to consider in an international SEO strategy

To meet the objective of achieving good international SEO positioning, it is essential to translate the contents into each language employing an effective SEO translation

These are some of the variables to take into account:

  • Although Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, there are countries where it comes in second place. This is the case in China, where Baidu is the reference search engine. So, if the Chinese market is one of your targets, you need to consider the elements that have more weight in its algorithm.

  • Even to achieve relevance in a country with the same language as yours, you need to complete a web localization of the contents so that they are perceived as local.

  • Another important point in an international SEO strategy is to understand the search intentions in each country or, in other words, what kind of information users want to find and which are the most appropriate URLs and keywords.

  • The type of device used to conduct searches is also considered.  Mobile friendly content and responsive design are better considered by search engines.


Useful SEO tools for an international SEO campaign

But what would all these considerations be without tools to measure your SEO efforts? These are some of the most commonly used SEO tools in an international SEO campaign.

  • SEMrush. This SEO tool has an extensive database that enables you to determine the performance of keywords in each country and which ones generate the most web traffic. Other functionalities that this tool offers are the ability to audit websites and to find out which links or keywords are used to position the competition.

  • Screaming Frog. This is an especially useful tool to determine, in a matter of minutes, information that would otherwise be much more complex. You can track the entire website and check links, code files or images, also checking whether the different URLs have any errors or trigger any redirects.

  • Majestic. This tool is especially useful for achieving better international web positioning, as it provides a large database of links from large database of links from around the world by tracking Internet websites. In addition, it is complemented by other services offered in its different sections. The free version applies a limit on daily searches.

  • Ahrefs. This resource provides information on the progress of your international SEO strategy. It also studies external websites to let you know the authority of competitor domains, loading speed, error codes or types of links.

These are just a few of the many tools available for SEO. However, knowing how to take advantage of all the information potential they offer is every bit as important as having access to them. 

Relying on the experience of professional translators like those at Linguaserve for your international SEO strategy ensures you will have the best tools and translation and localization technology solutions at your disposal for the development of your project.