Tips for a Spanish-to-Portuguese translation service for businesses

Business relations between the two countries represent a significant volume of business, as do Spanish investments in Portugal and vice versa, which have increased significantly. 

All this means that Spanish businessmen and women have a vested interest in looking to the neighboring country as one of their main markets. In this sense, Spanish-to-Portuguese translation provides many benefits for Spanish companies, as we’ll show in the next few lines. Keep on reading!

The growing importance of the Spanish-Portuguese bilateral relationship

Figures from the Iberian Internationalization report. Spain and Portugal in the world, 2021, presented by the Secretary of State for Trade, show consistent growth in trade relations in the most diverse sectors, both in goods and services, demonstrating that foreign trade between the two countries is balanced. 

Between January and December 2021, Spain's purchases from Portugal increased by 24.3% compared to 2020, and sales to Portugal also increased by 24.2%.

Companies dedicated to the automotive industry, information processing machinery, pork and machinery accessories and components in general were the sectors that led Spanish exports to the neighboring country. Portugal sold auto parts and accessories, electrical cables and conductors, knitted textiles, raw aluminum and paper and cardboard to Spain. 

So, why do companies need a Spanish-to-Portuguese translation service?

It’s no coincidence that Portuguese is one of the most in-demand languages in the job market, given the great business opportunities that Portugal offers. Another one of the most interesting sectors for our economy is tourism, and experts also highlight the great potential of various activities that are progressing, such as logistics, the petrochemical sector and everything related to the environment and renewable energies, both in the private and public sector, as it is possible to participate in the projects launched by the Portuguese government in the field of transportation and infrastructure.

A good translation service from Spanish to Portuguese provides:

    • Clear and consistent communication between both sides right from the start.

    • The establishment of trusting relationships with full understanding.

    • Expansion in the Portuguese market, covering all the necessary types of translation.

    • Minimization of mistakes and misunderstandings that would have serious consequences.

So, you need a translation service from Portuguese to Spanish and from Spanish to Portuguese.

Advantages of a Spanish-to-Portuguese translation service and vice versa

The benefits of collaborating with a Spanish-to-Portuguese translation service are evident if you want to achieve your business objectives in the neighboring country. Working with an agency that uses professional native translators gives you: 

    • Every type of text you need (economic, accounting, legal, advertising...), with the confidence of knowing that they will be quality translations, delivered on time.

    • Access to translators specialized in each of the fields, with a perfect command of both languages and knowledge of the terminology specific to certain documents.

    • No need to worry if you need a sworn translation: this is common in relations between companies and international organizations.

    • Guaranteed confidentiality and security of all original and translated documents.


Incidentally, Portuguese is spoken by 234 million people around the world. In addition to Portugal, the language is spoken in Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and others, so having a translation service from Portuguese to Spanish or vice versa opens doors to many markets outside Portugal.


Your trusted translation agency will do a perfect job of translation and localization (if necessary) in the culture and character of each location you want to reach with your product or service.If you need a translation from Spanish to Portuguese, Linguaserve offers the translation services you need to help you reach your goals.