The impact of translation services on branding strategies

Translation services in branding strategies are key for helping companies to achieve success in their international expansion strategy. Market globalization makes it easier to offer your company's products or services to millions of consumers, with no other borders than the persuasiveness and attractiveness of the brand.

Today, the efforts of entrepreneurs and companies are based on both the quality of the product and the impact of the brand on consumers.

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Seducing with words

In a globalized world where users are just a click away from the answer to all their needs, the first impression is the one that counts. And although it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a single word can cause irreparable damage to the brand's image.

The constant, dynamic change of trends combined with the fickle nature of consumers' opinions make an excellent branding strategy that protects the brand and creates a positive, lasting emotional connection an absolute necessity.

That’s why all brand management actions must ensure that every time consumers see any of the elements that make up the corporate visual identity, they associate it with an experience they want to repeat.

Content creation is the lifeblood of the lines of communication with potential buyers, and the more attractive the message is and the better it responds to users' needs, the more likely it is that an option will become a firm purchase decision.

Persuasion is the tool that makes content attractive, satisfying a certain need or creating it with words that emotionally convince users that they want to have what you’re offering.

All this effort must be transferred equally to the different markets in which the brand operates: translation services in branding strategies make this happen, turning words into objects of seduction in each of the languages into which they’re translated.

To achieve optimal engagement with the audience, a good translation is not enough. It must convey the same positive emotions generated by the original message. In other words, it is an exercise in translating and localizing the messages.

Tips for a good translation service in branding strategies: localization and transcreation

Professional translation services such as Linguaserve will approach the translation project according to the requirements and demands of the marketing plan, applying the most appropriate linguistic services and solutions.

Here are some key points:

  • Immersion of the brand in the local language and culture. Localization adapts content to new markets, taking into consideration the particularities of each language, idiomatic nuances, and the most suitable expressions to ensure that the target audience perceives the texts as originally intended for them, written in their own language. Only a native translator with perfect knowledge of the culture and character of the place is capable of translating the message and knows how the audience will perceive it.
  • Creative translation. This is used to connect emotionally with the message's intended audience and provoke the same reaction achieved in the source language. Transcreation goes a step beyond localization and takes the license to diverge from the original message while remaining true to its essence. The transcreator adorns the original idea with the right words that contain the desired tone, style and intention, even if doing so requires creating a different text.

Translation services in branding strategies are important when it comes to differentiating the brand's identity and offering users a unique experience.

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