Technology solutions for translating a video game

As it stands, the video game industry is one of the most exciting in the world, employing large numbers of people and pulling in massive revenue. Nevertheless, a good idea, good development, and an addictive story to hook “gamers” is not enough. If a game is to become a phenomenon, it needs to be enjoyed by people all over the world. That's why companies in the sector search out technology-based translation solutions that guarantee that, no matter who is playing, they can do it in their own language and fully understand the story both in terms of the characters’ dialog and any texts that appear.

Why use technology-based translation solutions for video games?


Firstly, keep in mind that video games need to be adapted not only to the language of the person who is playing, but also to their culture. Age, gender, and preferences are some other factors to take into account to make a product attractive to as many potential customers as possible.


Accordingly, the technology-based translation solution you choose needs to have professionals behind it who are able to adapt to the project and exercise full control of the language, wordplay, usage, and customs of the culture in question.


Another factor to keep in mind when selecting the best solution is customization. Developers and designers understand clearly what they want to come across in the game. To make this a reality, they need to avoid basic translation services, regardless of the product at hand.


They should also opt for a 360-degree service. Aside from pure and simple work, a cross-cutting translation agency will also supply dubbers and technicians to give voice to the characters in the right language. We usually refer to this as a turnkey service.


Transcreation is an art. It is the ability to convey ideas, feelings, concepts, or reactions in a language other than the original. In other words, not just any translation service will do. You need technology solutions with the best professionals behind them to guarantee that the feelings portrayed in the game will be understood by gamers in other languages.


Lastly, employing a technological solution of this type will allow you to get the product faster than those who use a more traditional solution. This is fundamental for expanding your game into different markets as quickly as possible.


The technology-based translation solution that you need


The translation and localization technology that we offer at Linguaserve meets all these requirements down to the last detail. Once you contact us to bring your video game to the world, we will begin working to give you everything you need.


We are here to help you when it comes to choosing the technology-based translation service for video games that best suits your needs.