Safeguarding your brand during advertising transcreation

Safeguarding your brand during advertising transcreation
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Advertising transcreation plays a pivotal role in an international marketing strategy. A variety of techniques are used when crafting advertising content, including idiomatic expressions, double entendres, and references to local traditions or cultural nuances, which lose their impact if translated word-for-word. To protect the brand and everything it stands for, a reliable transcreation service is indispensable.


The importance of brand protection in the internationalization process

The brand of a product or service contributes value that impacts consumers’ decisions to choose and purchase. When a customer selects an item or opts for a particular company based on the brand, it is because they resonate with it, forming a connection of familiarity, respect, and trust.

The brand enhances the consumer's shopping experience and elevates the value of the product or service by imparting an identity that customers are willing to invest in. Put differently, the consumer isn’t just acquiring the functionality or utility of a product; they are purchasing a brand.

The brand’s engagement with the customer cultivates a reputation that goes beyond mere product or service quality. It is formed by the user's perception and their appraisal of the values it embodies.

Establishing a solid brand reputation is challenging, hence the need to protect it throughout all endeavors. In the internationalization of the brand, it is vital to convey the original essence and personality to each audience, expertly woven into the target market’s language, distinctive traits, character, and culture. Advertising transcreation serves as the conduit to accomplish this.


Advertising transcreation: tips for brand protection

Are you familiar with the Spanish proverb that says “A donde fueres, haz lo que vieres”? A literal translation into English would be: “Wherever you go, do what you see.” However, a transcreator would never render it that way. Instead, they would use the English proverb: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” which is quite distinct yet conveys the same meaning. This serves as a vivid illustration of the difference between translation and transcreation.

During a company’s internationalization process, ensuring high-quality advertising transcreation is crucial to maintain the brand's reputation while translating all the brand’s communication actions.

Here are some tips to consider for effectively approaching content transcreation:

  • Engage specialized professionals in advertising transcreation, well-versed in the realms of sales and marketing.
  • Collaborate with native transcreators of the target language, individuals who not only possess linguistic fluency but also an innate understanding of the local culture and customs.
  • Emphasize the preservation of the brand’s essence and values when adapting the message to a different language. One advantageous aspect of transcreation is its capacity to deliver entirely distinct content while upholding the original message’s intent and objectives.
  • Recognize that transcreation entails a more substantial investment compared to traditional translation due to its greater complexity and time demands. Nonetheless, when executed adeptly, this investment effectively reaches diverse markets while safeguarding the brand's reputation.

Entrusting advertising transcreation to the finest professionals, coupled with the right resources such as those offered by Linguaserve, stands as your strongest card in safeguarding your brand.


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