Requirements that translators and interpreters must meet

Requisitos de un traductor e interprete
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The work of translators goes beyond changing a text from one language to another. Their job is key to a company’s success, which is why it is so important to choose qualified professionals that offer all the hallmarks of success. If you want to make sure you're working with the best experts, you need to know the requirements a translator must meet as proof of their skills as professionals.

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What do translators study?

In order to work as a professional translator, it is necessary to have obtained an education in languages. In Spain, the best option is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation offered by numerous universities. Among the most prestigious universities in this field are the University of Granada and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Another option is to earn a Master's degree or postgraduate degree in translation after earning a Bachelor's degree in some other field. This can offer a significant advantage: the initial degree allows the translator to specialize in a specific field, thanks to their knowledge of the respective material and technical language.

Other requirements for translators

In addition to having a solid background in translation, if you want to pursue this profession you will need to meet other important requirements when it comes to ensuring the quality of your work.

Firstly, translators must learn to respect the original text as much as possible. As the saying goes, “the best translator is invisible.” In other words, a translator should not alter the original text according to his or her own criteria as a writer.

Another important aspect of the profession is a person’s ability to concentrate. It’s important to remember that translation is very painstaking work, since a small translation error can result in a comprehension issue in the target language.

Likewise, when working in a translation and interpretation agency, or when working as a professional freelancer, constant research and ongoing education is highly important. You will likely find yourself faced with texts on specific topics whose terminology you may not be familiar with. This means you will have to research ahead of time to get to know the topic.

The ability to work under pressure is another highly valued characteristic of people who want to find a career in the world of translation. Translation services usually have a fast turn-around, and translators often juggle more than one project at a time. This allows them to earn more money.

Lastly, keep in mind that translators need more skills than simply knowing two languages. For example, they need to master the vocabulary, style, and grammar of the language to guarantee that the final text is prescriptively perfect.

In short, we can affirm that the requirements for being a translator are based on a combination of an exhaustive understanding of the language and a series of other skills that make it possible to create a perfect text within a tight schedule.

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