Good translation work in the wine industry is essential for companies and professionals in the sector. Not only to market the final product, but also to stay up to date with the best resources, studies and research concerning the entire process involved in obtaining and marketing the final product. Find out how in this article.


Wine exports: a rising value

The last years have been good for the wine industry for the wine industry, which recovered strongly through production, consumption and, above all, exports, which grew significantly. And more importantly, the trend shows that it will continue to do so.

Spanish exports increased by 9.5% in value, reaching 2.89 billion euros, and by 13.9% in volume, reaching 2.3 billion liters, according to data from the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV).

In addition, 2021 and 2022 brought with them two notable milestones: Spain consolidated its position as the world's leading exporting country, surpassing France, and the value of exports to the United States, one of the sector's most important markets, grew by more than 30%. Record figures were also recorded in Canada and Mexico..

The Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils (CECRV) cites the following countries as the main destinations for wines produced in Spain, based on value generated by sales: United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, France, Japan, China, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, Ireland, and Norway.

A translation service for the wine industry is essential for companies that want to export their wine products, although the usefulness of this type of translation covers much more, as we explain below.


Relevance of translation services in the wine industry

Before exporting their products, companies study the markets in which they want to operate, and all factors are important for success. One of these factors is the knowledge of the countries in question, their cultural and social particularities and, of course, the commercial and legislative requirements regarding the information that product packaging and labeling must provide.

An agency specialized in professional translation in the wine industry guarantees not only a perfect command of the source and target languages, but also the adaptation of all content to the idiosyncrasies of each country, ensuring that the message is perceived as local and integrated naturally into the market.

Working with industry-specific terminology is another element that distinguishes translation services for the wine industry provided by experts from those who are not experts in the field. If the company's communication does not convey trust and credibility, or even includes translation mistakes that are laughable or offensive to the target audience, it can ruin all the efforts made up to that point by the businessowner

But, as already mentioned, this specialized translation is not only dedicated to translating and localizing content for export but is also necessary for many other tasks of the companies and professionals working in the sector, such as oenologists, sommeliers, catering professionals, tasters, industry traders and laboratories.


Specialized translation for different fields within the same industry

The field of translation for the wine industry integrates all the processes conducted by winegrowers: from the care of the vineyard to harvesting the grapes and taking them to the winery, all essential steps for the production of quality wines. These professionals have studied vine cultivation techniques, technology applied to viticulture, soil management techniques, care and protection measures against pests, manuals on agricultural machinery for vineyards, and more. 

There are many companies involved in the process and it is necessary to translate these studies, manuals, laboratory analyses and other content so that they are available to all the professionals who take part.

Translation for the wine industry is aimed at professionals responsible for the different parts of the winemaking process, such as winemakers and oenologists, who handle content related to the study and production of wines.

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