How does transcreation help increase sales at special times?

Transcreation is a great way to leverage the increased volume of purchases made at special times of the year. Internationalizing your online store enables you to take advantage of the consumer patterns typical of celebrations like Halloween, Black Friday, the Christmas season, sales periods, and changes of season.

We’ll show you how to increase online sales with a good transcreation campaign.


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Increasing sales for my online business by selling abroad

Cross-border ecommerce, or international ecommerce, is one of the business segments that benefits most from good seasonal marketing. Online sales grew exponentially during 2020 due to store closures and confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of shoppers around the world joined those who were already regular online shoppers. The ecommerce phenomenon continued after that, growing further in 2021. To get an idea of the magnitude of this change, in Europe alone, the increase was 13%, reaching 718 billion euros, according to euroCommerce data.

There are millions of people willing to search for what they need in cyberspace, and to benefit from those searches it’s essential for them to be able to find you and understand you. And transcreation is the answer to how you can increase online sales.


What does a quality transcreation campaign provide?

We’ve already mentioned in previous articles how users prefer to browse and shop in their own language. You might think that a good translation would be enough, but it’s not.

To be convincing, it’s important that the message doesn’t actually sound like it’s been translated. In other words, the audience in each language must have an emotional experience similar to that of the original audience.

To achieve that, transcreation goes one step further by incorporating the creative freedom needed to preserve context, tone and brand intent while fully integrating content into target markets.

In transcreation, in addition to taking into account all the elements inherent to translation, special emphasis is placed on:

  • The unique and special character of the location's public.
  • Natural terminology and style.
  • The right tone and nuance.
  • Adequate images that accompany the texts.
  • Keywords that help positioning.

Transcreation ensures engagement—the ability to connect emotionally with users.


Why is transcreation important in marketing?

We’ve already given you a few reasons to opt for transcreation in advertising campaigns to increase your ecommerce sales at the international level. When transcreating, references that are specific to the country and language into which the translation is made can be used, even if the words are completely changed to preserve the meaning of the original content, personalizing the relationship with the audience.

Here are some key points:

  • Integration. Full immersion in the local culture. The transcreator knows the traditions, customs, and social behavior.
  • SEO. The transcreator includes tags and keywords based on the browsing habits of consumers in each country.
  • Adaptation. The content maintains the characteristics of the brand while adapting to local preferences and requirements.

Transcreation combines the creativity of copywriting with the accuracy of translation to provide an optimal user experience and increase ecommerce sales. At Linguaserve, we offer the professionalism of our expert transcreators to reach your goals.

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