Copywriting and Translation: How can they form a dynamic duo?

Are you familiar with copywriting and its connection with translation? Increasingly, brand image and business success depend on publishing compelling marketing texts that offer guaranteed quality  and an emotional connection with target audience. Storytelling and the creation of corporate narratives are crucial for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, in addition to reinforcing brand recall and notoriety.

Copywriting has become an indispensable tool in shaping successful marketing strategies. In this article, we want to discuss this concept in depth.


Copywriting: what it is and how it's used.

Copywriting, often referred to as persuasive writing or advertising copy, represents the art of producing texts designed to elicit a specific action from the reader.

It can be used to draft articles, social media posts, slogans, emails, texts on product packaging, and more. The ultimate goal is to guide your audience towards a decision, especially encouraging purchases and brand recall.

In the realm of marketing, copywriting is one of the most important elements, which is why the copywriter has become a highly valued professional. But the question arises: What is copywriting used for?

Beyond traditional advertising, this writing technique extends its reach to websites and other diverse platforms to persuade readers and to distinguish companies that engage their target audience from those that do not.

The primary function of copywriting is to increase leads, retain customers, enhance the image, and prompt the user to take a desired action. This action, however, doesn't necessarily have to be a purchase.

The distinguishing features of well-written copy include:

  • Relevance
  • Brevity
  • Proximity between reader and company.
  • Empathy and loyalty with the customer.

These features collectively contribute to better brand positioning and increased consumption, making copywriting a fundamental pillar in any marketing strategy, especially in content marketing. A skillful copywriter knows how to use the right words to address the needs of the target audience.

In conclusion, copywriting serves not only as a catalyst for sales, but also as an essential tool for meaningful interaction between companies and their customers. Let’s explore some real-world examples from companies you are undoubtedly familiar with.



According to the weekly magazine The Economist, an effective poster or advertising billboard should not exceed 8 words for optimal comprehension by the average reader at first glance. In line with this insight, Nescafés advertisers devised a poster filled with the letter Z. The intriguing design features the final “Z” morphing into an "N", transitioning into the Nescafé brand.

The caption below reads: “Nothing wakes you up as Nescafé”. Technically, there are no more than 8 words. Beyond brevity, the clever use of the letter “Z” holds a symbolic association with sleep, which dissipates after drinking a cup of this coffee brand.





The advertising style of this telecommunications company has garnered great satisfaction among consumers, thanks to its rates compared to the competition. A touch of irony proved to be the secret ingredient, perfectly reflected in one of their campaigns with the following message: “We understand that the competition doesn’t call us to congratulate us. It would be too expensive for them.”



This is a prime example of powerful copywriting, showcasing that when done right, it requires no embellishment. The call to action for one of their clients is straightforward, direct, and eye-catching: “Would you like to achieve €9,700 more in turnover in your boutique gym? See how we did it with one of our clients.”

The call is clear and unequivocal but also engages readers in easily understandable terms. The essence of a copywriter’s role is to establish a connection with the reader by presenting reality from various perspectives.


Urban Daddy

On the pages of this magazine, the art of copywriting unfolds through captivating headlines that consistently pique curiosity, leaving readers eager to discover the stories behind them. The essence of successful copywriting lies in compelling the reader not only to read the first line but to continue on to the second, the third, and beyond.

It grabs the reader’s attention and guides them exactly where you want them to go.


Basic Guidelines for International Inbound Marketing Strategies

Copywriting is now focusing on inbound marketing, which aims to draw consumers to a company's website, emphasizing a relationship-based approach rather than traditional interruptive advertising. Neglecting inbound marketing while competitors embrace it could leave you behind. The strategy involves five key stages: Attraction, Conversion, Relationship, Sale, and Analysis.

While these stages may seem straightforward, the complexity grows when you want to take your business to the next level and you consider internationalization. In this context, relying solely on a proficient translator may fall short. You need to go a step further and look for a transcreator. Are you familiar with this profile and their work?

Transcreators are professionals who combine translation and creative writing. Their mission is to craft a fresh message, aligning with the specifications of an advertising project while faithfully reproducing the tone of the message and the original intent.

Beyond translation, transcreators often work as copywriters in their respective language, making their work bold and creative. This enables them to infuse campaigns with the same emotional resonance as the original, ensuring a profound impact on the target audience.

In conclusion, transcreation enables you to adapt to the target audience in each country, surpassing the limitations of a simple translation. It is aptly described as the fusion of copywriting and translation.


Examples of International Transcreation

Creating a successful global strategy hinges on adapting to the needs of each market, including language. Let's look at some examples for a better understanding.



This popular brand of colorful bear-shaped candies is one of the best examples of transcreation. While the original message, translated literally from German, means “Haribo makes both children and adults happy”, it changes significantly depending on each target country:

  • Spain: “Live a magical world, come to the Haribo world”.
  • England: “Kids and adults love it... the happy world of Haribo”.
  • Italy: “Haribo is the sweet taste enjoyed by all ages”.
  • France: “Haribo is a beautiful life, for adults and children”.

In all countries, the brand strives to uphold the identity and essence of the slogan, emphasizing the universal appeal and joy it brings to all audiences. The only constant, obviously, is the presence of the brand.



Remember the iconic advertising campaign of this popular beverage brand featuring a jaguar? Well, a tremendous transcreation effort went into adapting it to the different destination countries.

  • Germany: “Schweppes, erfrischend bissig”. Here, the words indicate that it’s a drink that quickly refreshes you in a single sip.
  • Spain: “Schweppes, única en su especie”. The word “especie” (species) alludes to the feline in the ad.
  • England: “Schweppes, just a little more bite”. Once again, as in Germany, they use “bite” as a reference to the animal and the sensation of savoring the drink in a single sip.

These examples are just a glimpse of the myriad instances where persuasive texts are translated, and in all of them, the key to their success is a well-crafted international marketing strategy. Each text is carefully composed to achieve the desired impact on their audiences.


Translation and Copywriting

New marketing strategies, such as content marketing or inbound marketing, require skillful writing. Additionally, for companies with a presence in multiple countries, effectively translating messages intended for diverse audiences is essential.

In this context, relying on not just any translator but seasoned professionals with dual experience is imperative. Copywriters who also excel in translation are the most adept for such tasks.

Why? Because their mastery of marketing strategies is crucial in creating a profound impact on the target audience of companies, coupled with an intimate understanding of their language.

This intertwining of skills enables the creation of a cohesive message with a highly persuasive focus. In these cases, it transcends mere propaganda, it’s about crafting a message that grabs attention and evokes emotions in customers. It’s not just about selling; it’s about doing so by offering unique value.

In the dynamic landscape of modern marketing, where the prowess of storytelling and persuasive content is paramount for customer engagement and loyalty, Linguaserve stands as a beacon of excellence in copywriting services. What sets us apart is our in-depth grasp of the intricacies involved in crafting compelling narratives, tailored for diverse international audiences. The fusion of copywriting artistry with the precision of translation defines our service, ensuring your message not only resonates but does so authentically across cultural frontiers. This dual proficiency is more than just a service; it's our distinctive added value—a vital asset for businesses aiming to extend their global reach. Rest assured in entrusting Linguaserve’s expertise to navigate the complexities of global markets, ensuring that your brand’s voice isn’t simply heard but genuinely felt on a global scale.


Contact us today to discover how our copywriting services can transform your global communication strategy and propel your business into new frontiers. Your international business expansion is just one step away.







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