5 benefits of specialized translation in the healthcare field

specialized translation in the healthcare field
By April 27th, 2022 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

If there is a field in which the services of a specialized translation are especially necessary, that is the healthcare field. Medical translation is undoubtedly the most in-demand type of translation given the high volume of content it generates, as well as pharmaceutical translation.

Healthcare translation requires a high level of specialization given its specificity and a vast vocabulary, that combines an extremely specialized jargon with other disciplines such as legal, technical or administrative.

Requirements of specialized translation in the healthcare field and scope of application

The wide scope of application and the high complexity of specialized translation in the healthcare field demands its translators have extensive experience in scientific translation, which includes the following aspects among others:

  • Good command of the source and target languages.
  • Thorough knowledge of terminology.
  • Capacity to adapt to diverse textual typologies of such a wide scope.
  • Expert competence regarding orthotypographical and terminological conventions that affect this type of content.
  • Adapting to the different registers regarding the public the content is addressed to: professionals, students or patients among others.

The different types of texts in which healthcare translation is necessary are the following:

  • Academic texts: books, manuals, dictionaries, dissemination articles.
  • Texts about research and development: clinical trials, clinical guides, action protocols or patents.
  • Editorial texts: specialized journals, medical and pharmaceutical ads or informational pamphlets.
  • Legal administrative texts in the healthcare field: safety and hygiene protocols, public health bylaws, medical histories and certificates for claims and trials.

Benefits of specialized translation in the healthcare field

Medical translation, alongside the rest of translations of the healthcare field is a specialized translation that collects the academic and theoretical nature of the texts alongside the practicality of the information that is provided. It must take into account the appropriate register for the target audience it is addressed to.

Collaborating with a translation company that is specialized in the healthcare field and has a team of experts in healthcare translation is extremely beneficial for companies and bodies of the field. They are the following:

  1. Being able to translate a large amount of content (manuals, statements, reports) in the necessary timeframe. The COVID-19 pandemic is a clear example of the constant, fast and professional need for specialized translation between medical centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and public and private bodies.
  2. Command of the typical terminology and phraseology of healthcare translation and the conventions of the different types of content.
  3. Availability of technological resources that will speed up the project. This software helps the translator, providing more effectiveness and avoiding repetitive actions.
  4. Continuous training and updating of the professionals of this type of translation. Besides its high complexity, constant innovation, new research and changes in terminology that need to be known are also features of medical translation.
  5. Multilingual communication solutions. Being able to count on any type of translation needed, such as sworn translation for a legal medical procedure or need for another communication resource.

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