Why you need website translation that is specialized in the insurance market

website translation in the insurance market
By February 2nd, 2022 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

As you might know, the insurance and policies market is very complex as is and may be much more when one of the parties does not speak the same language. Translation that is specialized in the insurance market is an essential service for insurance companies that require the services of a professional translation company that offers all the services they may need.

Do you work at an insurance company? Have you ever had to deal with clients in other countries or with a foreign insurance company? If the answer is yes, this article is for you.

What benefits can a specialized translation offer the insurance market?

The insurance market in Spain covers a wide variety of matters as well as people who want to insure something. When something is insured, it means there is a contact that covers a risk in exchange for the payment of a premium. This risk can be applied to people, automobiles, personal objects, properties, animals, works of art etc. The list can be as long as the holder’s needs and willingness to pay.

Obviously accidents happen, and not only between parties that share the same language. Therefore, the aforementioned complexity of the market is combined with the obligation to understand one another. Although this is not the only instance in which the work of a specialized translator is necessary. There are many chances an insurance company can lose if they do not count on a good specialized translation service.

  • Buying and selling properties is usual between people from other countries who have a house in Spain. Insurance policies and all the generated documentation must be offered in the holders’ language.
  • Accidents happen, and when one of the parties does not speak the same language, the insurance company must provide a translation service from an agency with expertise in language translation and interpreting.
  • There are also many times in which, by law, companies in the insurance market must send sworn translations to courts or registries (civil, property etc.) in other countries.

Translation that is specialized in the insurance market offers insurance companies the chance to provide flawless work that guarantees their know-how and increases their value to potential clients, no matter what country they are from.

Features of translation that specializes in the insurance market

Now that you know the benefits of counting on a translation service that is specialized in the insurance market, we’re going to explain the features of this type of translation, which is one of the translations that demands the highest quality, and above all, accuracy in how it is understood::

  • Different types of areas that are covered as well as clients.
  • Broad and specific terminology. Own expressions and words with a specific meaning are used, and they must be translated into the target language maintaining the original meaning.
  • Sworn translations that are presented at legal entities in other countries. The translation must be extremely thorough, taking into account the terminology of the language it is translated into, avoiding mistakes and false friends that will devalue the document and may even cause legal problems.
  • An insurance company that wants to grow and get new clients that do not speak their language must be able to offer all the documents in the policy holder’s native language. The client must be able to understand what they are signing up to the last detail, and not counting on translators who are specialized in the insurance market may mean companies in this sector will lose opportunities in the process of expanding their business and selling insurance policies.
  • It’s also important to remember marketing and communication in order to expand the services of an insurance company. So that clients can find you and become interested in your message, they must be able to understand it in their language. Choosing one or another insurance company many times depends on how the company presents itself. The website can be a very profitable presentation if you offer potential clients a browsing experience that is completely adapted to their language and culture.
  • The large amount of documentation that is generated every day in the insurance sector is extremely varied: policies, manuals, damage reports, economic reports, written statements of the parties or witnesses, medical documents, invoices, contracts or registers, among many others. Counting on a specialized translation company provides the quality, work capability and urgency that is needed in each case.

Specialized translation is not an option for insurance companies. It’s the gateway to your company for clients around the world who are looking for your services. Collaborate with a professional translation company and let the clients be the ones who find you.