Why turn to translation professionals for your e-commerce website

By December 27th, 2019 | ecommerce | 0 Comments

Translation professionals play a fundamental role when it comes to success in the e-commerce world.

It has been shown that most digital users or customers purchase from e-commerce websites in their own language. As you can probably guess, Translation is an essential component of internationalization in digital business.

Nevertheless, adapting content to different countries doesn’t stop with a linear translation; in addition to a correct translation, content localization, or adapting the information of your e-commerce business to the target audience, is crucial.


The importance of translation in e-commerce

The possibilities are practically infinite, but some of the most common translation projects are found in PDF documents, CorelDRAW, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, and many others.


A sound translation of your e-commerce website carries incredible benefits:

- Increased confidence and security for your users as regards your website. This is a basic factor that directly influences users’ final decision when making a purchase.

- Helps to create fundamental bonds and relationships with consumers in the respective region. A good translation takes any idiosyncrasies, culture, and preferences into account, favoring closeness and empathy with the target audience.

- Boosts your competitiveness, as it increases your ability to enter markets where the competition does not operate.

- Improves your company's image and increases its recognition in the market.

- Increases the number of customers.

- Improves your SEO positioning



What are the basic elements of a well-translated e-commerce website?

If you want a good translation of your e-commerce website, there are a few factors you need to consider:

1. Focus on the translation of the home page of your business. Remember, this is the first look users will have at your brand.
2. Translate each section of the store catalog: product sheets, information on stock, and terms and conditions of sale. The more information the customer has on the product, the more likely they are to buy it.

3. Don't forget to translate the system that guides the customer through the purchase process. It is essential that you guide them and clear up any questions in their native language.

4. Don’t forget to translate any legal texts.

5. Check every corner of the website for any untranslated words, including commands, pop-ups, or links.


Why should you place your trust in translation professionals?

The work of a professional translator is fundamental to the correct translation of your e-commerce.

These professionals have the proper training and experience needed to completely adapt your content to the different languages or geographic regions where you want to expand your business. They use local idiomatic resources like idioms or turns of phrase.

They produce a natural translation using the most suitable words or phrases, even when there is no literal translation in the target language;

Generally, they specialize in specific languages and subjects, ensuring quality and clarity in their translations.

Translation professionals are key players in the internationalization of any e-commerce business. They guarantee that your message makes it to any part of the world where you want to sell your product, placing special emphasis on your target audience.