Why translating videos can improve the ROI of your campaigns in 2022

translating videos to improve the ROI
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Did you know that translating videos is a great strategy to stand out from the competition and create new business opportunities with other companies?

Business-to-Business marketing (better known as B2B) has had to adapt to new ways of working and communicating. Companies have seen the importance of audiovisual media to successfully make their products and services reach end consumers.

Videos are a very effective dynamic resource for communicating valuable content in an entertaining way. So why not expand the video marketing strategy to B2B communication?

Why use video in your content strategy

Video is a great way to showcase your products and how they solve other companies' needs .

As we were saying, it is a tool that is increasingly being used in marketing campaigns to generate sales opportunities and work on branding to transmit the values and purpose of the company.

We remind you some of the goals that your company can achieve with a good video marketing strategy:

  • Promote a new product by explaining its value to other companies. The technical and sometimes complex concepts of industrial language are much more easily conveyed. Video as the protagonist of advertising campaigns facilitates the retention of 95% of the message compared to 10% when read.
  • Show the reliability of the brand with testimonials from customers and experts in your industry. You can include success stories on results achieved and demonstrations of product performance for industry professionals.
  • Offer a virtual tour of the company detailing the work process and production capacity. It is an easy and effective way to replace face-to-face visits.

A corporate video preserves the professional tone of the written content while providing the comprehensibility of the image, conveying the message in an agile and attractive way.

Video marketing strategy is effective and the numbers prove it: 73% of the companies that use it in their B2B strategy mention positive results in their ROI.

Video translation improves the ROI of your campaigns

Using video translation services is the best way to use audiovisual communication to reach new customers everywhere. Globalization and technology have turned the dream of many companies into an unquestionable reality for all business sectors. Today, business interaction knows no borders and any company is looking for the best product no matter where it is.

With such high ROI, are you going to lose out on your video marketing strategy? Subtitling and video translation is here to stay, as it is the perfect complement to a trend in business marketing. You should not forget that video provides a direct message in a few minutes, favors SEO positioning and decreases the bounce rate.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? For the market research company Forrester Research, it is worth much more! In fact, it concludes that the value of one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

Video translation opens up infinite possibilities to increase your campaigns to attract international customers, as well as other companies or end consumers who are looking for your product or service.

The best way to ensure the quality of subtitling and the ability to synthesize while preserving the essence of the content is to rely on a professional video translation and subtitling service. Translating videos achieves a higher return on investment for your company's campaigns and increases brand value.


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