Why count on a professional translator instead of free tools

Free machine translation tools can be a useful resource in specific moments, but relying on them to translate content that requires a minimum of professional quality is not a good idea. Here are the main reasons why you should count on a professional translator to translate your projects.

Know the reasons why it is better to hire a professional translation service

Clear up your doubts and add value to the communication and projection of your projects by leaving behind free translation tools. Counting on a professional translator has countless benefits:


For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to opt for a translation service. A free machine translation tool is unable to pick up double meanings, linguistic turns or idioms. As you well know, although they have improved in recent times, they translate literally, without taking into account the intention and the context, which is why, on many occasions, they generate meaningless translations.

Professional translation companies use software with translation engines trained in a progressive and client-specific manner, supported by translation memories and linguistic repositories that take care of corporate identity.

Quality control throughout the entire process

Free machine translation is performed without any guarantee of quality. It is highly recommended to count on a professional translation company that has a quality assurance system. A series of integrated actions throughout the development of the entire project ensure quality and avoid errors, monitoring the language and the correct fit of the translation in any multimedia format.

Consistency with the corporate style

In the current context of globalization, the only border between your company and the world is language. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with customers, employees and suppliers in a clear manner.

There are many types of areas and channels of corporate communication used in any professional area: advertising and marketing, press releases, instructions, manuals, among others. Without forgetting the vocabulary and jargon specific to each professional sector.

Only with the work of a professional translator is it possible to ensure that all content keeps the same corporate register.

Cultural adaptation

Incomprehensible turns, words that in some languages may be offensive or unintelligible sentences and paragraphs... The errors of free machine translation make for a fun time, but not so much for the companies whose brands have been ridiculed.

We cannot stress enough that free machine translation does not distinguish between contexts or cultures, so it is not at all advisable to use it for translating professional content.

A professional translation company takes into account the particularities of each culture, from the different meaning of the same term to the units of measurement or currency conversion.

Availability of other services and technological solutions

A professional translation service is the best option for the internationalization of your service or product. In this way, you will have the necessary tools to translate all types of content efficiently and quickly, without compromising quality.

The combination of human resources and the most advanced technological solutions provide an answer to all the linguistic services that may be required in the communication of your project, in two or more languages.

Any professional communication action is too important to be left to chance. A good professional translator service ensures the quality of communication and adds value. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, when it comes to your company or project, those thousand words determine its image.

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