What types of translation services are useful for video games

Counting on a company that provides video game translation services with expert translators and the best multilingual solutions is a must for translating video games.

As you may already know if you're in the business, video games are the stars of the entertainment industry right now. Their content is increasingly complete and of higher quality. The graphics, the interface, the game resources, the sound and the story are all very carefully designed elements to satisfy the millions of players who demand total immersion in the game.

To achieve this, the video game translation and localization process requires translators who are specialized in the language and culture of the target markets to take care of every last detail. This also includes services such as subtitling and dubbing.

Translation, localization and much more: multimedia translation

At Linguaserve, we have expert translators in all the translation and localization services you need to make the internationalization of your video games a success. We also have specialists in other areas that are equally necessary for the launch of a video game in other markets.

We will tell you what all these services are and what role they play in the ultimate success of any release in other countries.

Translation and localization in the target culture

The translation and localization of video games is the process that usually takes place during the production phase. In addition to translating the content, the translator also carries out a careful work of adaptation to the language and culture of the target market, so that players are immersed in the story and identify with the characters in the game, without any of them being incomprehensible or out of place.

Video game voice-over and dubbing: the voice of experience

The voice for video games is, together with the previous ones, one of the major success factors of this type of products. In fact, there are many failures in the dubbing of videogames that have ruined some launches due to the simple fact of not having a guaranteed service.

A good video game dubbing service is highly appreciated by gamers around the world due to the advantages it brings to the gaming experience. In addition to translating and localizing the texts to be dubbedto achieve natural and credible dialogues, video game dubbing must adapt to the timing of the original audio, synchronizing the words in the target language with the lip movement seen on the screen.

In addition to the dubbing service, we have a video game voice-over service, to give voice to the narration, with the right rhythm, modulation and intonation for each project. This is, without a doubt, another fundamental point when it comes to creating a 100% immersive experience for the player.

Transcreation: the advantage of playing at home

Transcreation, perhaps one of the most unknown multilingual services in the field of video games, goes a step beyond the strict translation of videogames by integrating all the elements of the game into the target culture.

In this way, the transcreation service adapts the names of characters, weapons, tricks or place names to bring the video game closer to the target market, even if that means changing them. It is an art that plays between balance and creation.

It will not only be necessary in the development of the game itself, but it can also be very useful when it comes to reaching consumers in countries other than the country of origin, as it is closely linked to the field of marketing and advertising. For example, messages that are able to reach the culture of the target consumers will be fundamental for people to want to purchase the video game.

Playtesting ensures a job well done

The translation and localization of video games is a complex task that covers all the material related to the video game, from the cover art to the legal mentions, including the guides or the extras of the collector's editions. Everything must be adapted to the target culture. Video game testing and thorough quality controls are in charge of solving possible errors in any of the processes that take place to successfully present the video game to the target culture.

Each video game is a unique project and has different needs. No two projects are alike. Therefore, relying on a translation service company that offers the most appropriate multilingual solutions, supported by the best human and technological resources, is playing it safe.

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