What to consider when choosing a WordPress automatic translation plugin

WordPress automatic translation plugin
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Do you need a WordPress automatic translation plugin and don't know which one to choose? Finding a plugin to translate websites is more or less easy. In fact, there are dozens of them on the market, but finding the best plugin to translate WordPress is a bit more complicated. To do this, first you must take into account some issues, as the ones we will show you in the following post.

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What should I consider when choosing a plugin to translate a website in WordPress?

This content management system is not multilingual by default, so if you need to translate the texts of your WordPress website into one or more languages, you must first be clear about your needs by answering the following points:

  • The amount of existing content and the periodicity with which it is generated on a regular basis.
  • The type of terminology, more or less technical, that your company uses depending on the target audience of your product or service.
  • The technical support available to you.
  • The ease of installation and configuration of the plugin.
  • The languages you are most interested in.
  • The automation of the translation systems and whether the plugin allows exporting the content.
  • Compatibility with WordPress
  • Compatibility with other plugins you have installed.

All these questions will determine the choice of plugin to translate a WordPress website.

What features should I look for in a translation plugin?

No WordPress automatic translation plugin has all the functionalities it could have. The above answers will allow you to choose the one that best suits your translation projects.

Its main functionalities are the following:

  • Adapting the content management system by structuring it for each of the languages into which you want to translate.
  • Applying a language selector.
  • Allowing the selection of the content to be translated.
  • Automatic translation.
  • Exporting of files for external translations.

Each plugin has different functionalities and its own characteristics; for example, some require human translation while others use machine translation. A review of the translated content is always recommended.

Some translation plugins offer free versions, but have certain limitations such as restricting the choice of a single language or the absence of technical support. In fact, the most recommended ones are paid and, at most, offer a free trial.

The quality of your website projects your international image. Therefore, your content deserves a translation that does not damage the brand image. Finding the right plugin that fits your needs is of vital importance for the quality of your service.

So, what is the most suitable solution when selecting a WordPress automatic translation plugin for my translation projects?

The combination of a plugin together with the support of a translation agency that offers a complete automated management solution for your projects, allows you to get a quality plugin without having to pay for each word translated automatically.

In addition, you have the guarantee of proofreading by native translators specialized in your industry and customized resource support for each project.

From Linguaserve we offer you our plugin Linguaserve Translation Connector for WordPress  (LTC-WP) created to translate and localize content easily and with all the guarantee of professionalism and quality standards that accredit us.

Choosing the right WordPress automatic translation plugin for your company is an investment in the image you want to project in international markets.

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