What machine learning is and the benefits it provides translation services with

what machine learning is
By April 13th, 2022 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

Constant development of new technologies is a reality. For companies, new technological tools facilitate processes and help optimize workflows. Moreover, technology has removed barriers and interaction between companies in different places around the world is a daily activity. With this, now more than ever, translation services have become essential in order to allow and guarantee communication with new markets.

In this regard, the application of machine learning is a beneficial technological advance that allows for time and cost reductions in the translation field. We’ll tell you what machine learning is and how it is applied in a constantly evolving sector such as professional translation.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a discipline that is part of the artificial intelligence field and which develops systems capable of learning on their own.

Machine learning is based on the identification carried out by the system by the quantity and quality of data that enters the interface. On this basis, programming algorithms are constantly modified, making decisions or predicting results autonomously.

Algorithms “learn” from experience, automating the management of a large amount of information.

The role of machine learning in the scope of translation

The first technological application used for translation tasks worked with algorithms that replaced words from one language to another, resulting in decontextualized translations, that contained mistakes and were absolutely flat and artificial.

Machine learning allows developing machine translation engines that learn and improve with each translation. Does this mean that machine translation currently does not need human intervention?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Machine learning speeds up the translation process, allowing the translator to spend more time on editing the content, revising each term and avoiding “false friends”, making sure the context is maintained and resolving polysemy and puns. In short, guaranteeing spontaneity and quality that could only be provided by an expert translator in the matter.

Likewise, the specialist is also the teacher as they revise and introduce the necessary changes that will become future references to be taken into account by the machine translation system.

Get to know the machine translation (and human postediting) service offered by Linguaserve

At Linguaserve we have advanced machine translation engines and a great team of expert translators to offer you the most appropriate and best technological translation solution for your project.

We assess each one of our clients’ projects to ensure the machine translation system is the most appropriate option to get the best result. If so, we complete it with human postediting to get the best results with maximum quality.

The benefits of machine learning allow for translation time and cost reduction that result in better prices per text. We train translation engines with specific material for each client, protecting the terminology and own corporate style with the maximum confidentiality.

As you can see, machine learning combined with a professional translator's expertise is the perfect pair to obtain quality translation. Trusting a translation company with the most advanced technological translation tools, which are monitored by the best translators is always a guarantee of success in the communication of your brand and the international expansion of your business.