What is a translation proxy and why should you want to know about it?

A translation proxy is one of the most interesting translation technology solutions if you are starting to plan a business strategy to reach international customers or are looking for a quick and easy way to translate your communications.

It is an interesting option that you should consider before deciding, as it has many benefits, but also some disadvantages. If you want to learn more about this topic in order to better evaluate this option, read on.

What is a translation proxy and how does it work?

If your website is visible everywhere, language should not be a barrier for you to be understood. How many users stop browsing a company's website because it is not translated and localized in their language? A translation proxy is one of the options you have to prevent this from happening.

This is an advanced technology that allows you to instantly translate a website into the language of your choice. Basically, it acts as an intermediary between the reading request in a given language requested by a user and the server where the original web content is located.

The specialized translator directs the request to a server. It performs the translation so that the user interested in reading it in their language receives the translated version. As you can imagine, the final version replaces the original content. The entire process is performed in a matter of milliseconds and is perceived in real time.

Advantages of using a translation proxy

Using a translation proxy to translate your website into the native languages of the target markets has numerous advantages. Let's talk about the main ones:

  • Its implementation and configuration is easy and does not involve any major changes or modifications to the structure of your content publishing system.
  • It is useful for outdated systems. It is useful if you work with a website that does not support the use of software to manage content creation.
  • It is cheaper than other options to have the company's website translated into several languages.

Disadvantages of using a translation proxy

Despite the advantages of this tool, it is also important to keep in mind that it has some limitations when translating, for example, a corporate website.

  • It does not translate audiovisual resources such as infographics or videos. The proxy only translates text strings, limiting the user experience.
  • Incorrect translations. The most professional websites consist of content extracted from various databases, which may result in the lack of automatic translations of some of the content. 
  • It may harm positioning. Search engines may penalize automatically generated content for being of lower quality.

  • It generates unforeseen expenses. Translation errors or untranslated content should be resolved separately, with the necessary time and resources.

If you want to enjoy all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of using a translation proxy, the best way to do it is to hire a professional translation service. 

how to install a translation proxy

Benefits of using a translation proxy applied by professional translators

A multilingual services company like Linguaserve offers you the most innovative technological solutions assisted at all times by expert translators who supervise the post-editing processes.

Our professional translator uses a multilingual publishing proxy with engines trained with client-specific memories and glossaries. These systems are updated on a regular basis, so that the corporate line and style of each company are completely guaranteed.

In other words, this technological solution analyzes the company's website automatically, creating a list of all the content and translating it on the same interface, allowing you to visualize the result as a whole.

The application, integrated with other resources such as localization tools and technical treatment of other formats, achieves a comprehensive translation of the website avoiding the aforementioned disadvantages and achieving an optimal workflow management.

A translation proxy applied professionally through a specialized translation service allows you to save costs in the language internationalization of your website.