Website translation services for international universities

Website translation for universities is one of the most in-demand services offered by agencies specializing in translation and interpretation. This is due to the fact that higher education institutions are offering more and more courses to foreign students, as well as classes in languages other than the local language. Both factors make it necessary to hire the services of an expert translation agency for a quality result. Below, we take a look at these types of services for universities.


Why do universities need translation services?

As we mentioned above, universities today are increasingly opening up to foreign markets and offering instruction to students who do not reside in the physical location of the university. This is evidenced by the wide range of online courses, one of the latest innovations in education.

Courses are now being posted online for use by thousands of people. Whether they require paid enrollment or fall under the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) format, which allows an unlimited number of students to enroll free of charge, online courses need the proper translation in order to have the greatest reach. Institutions typically need these translations for two reasons: the course is targeted towards foreign students or the institution wants to diversify the languages used in their courses for educational purposes.

Innovation in online education does not end there, as many universities are providing their students (both domestic and foreign) with classes or tutorials which they can view at any time. These resources need to be translated into languages other than the local language, meaning institutions need to hire experts in translation, subtitling, dubbing, and transcription for the texts of their online classes.


The importance of hiring an expert translation agency

An expert translation agency is able to guarantee quality in the work it does, allowing educational content to meet the necessary quality standards. A company like Linguaserve has the native staff to get the job done right, offering the nuances that make the difference and which only someone with translation experience and the respective native language can provide.

What's more, as it is educational content, the translations need to undergo several rounds of revision for absolute thoroughness. We're talking about content that may come in different formats — both audiovisual and written — yet is characterized by its superior value and its contribution to educating people. Furthermore, as the content may have highly specialized vocabulary, maximum care needs to be taken to avoid mistakes that can end up undermining the image and reputation of the university.

To promote all this material, universities must take advantage of a website translation service that brings their website to the top of search engines when students from around the world search for them, even when looking for information in their native language.


As you can see, website translation services for universities are crucial for the success in a globalized world that is also making its mark on education.