Website translation is in style: its benefits for the textile industry

Website translation
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Fashion is a universal language which needs website translation to express itself now more than ever. Technologies have globalized clothing manufacturing, and trends spread fast around the world. Designers, manufacturers, suppliers, advertising agents and sellers need to communicate with one another and the target audience, even if they speak different languages.

Fashion translation is a specialized tool that allows us to break down the language barrier and makes it possible for all of those who are involved to understand the specific terminology of the industry.

Characteristics of fashion translation

Fashion translation covers many areas related to the textile industry. Beyond the mundane aspect given to this glamorous world, the fact is that it manages very specialized language which has its own terminology that covers technical, legal and advertising concepts among others. Let us explain:

  • The content must be adapted to the language and culture of the target audience it is addressed to. Even in countries in which the same language is spoken, the same word can be given a different meaning. For example the word “pants” in the United Kingdom refers to underwear, whereas in the United States it refers to the garment worn over underwear. In Spain braga (panties) is feminine underwear, whereas in Venezuela it refers to denim overalls.
  • A specialized fashion and textile translator knows the technical terms to accurately convey all the information related to the clothing’s composition and manufacturing as well as the different sizes and measurements of each garment depending on the country.
  • Fashion is a business, which is why there are also legal and commercial aspects to take into account: contracts, mail, invoicing, orders and many other documents that need to be translated correctly into languages that are sometimes very different from one another, such as Spanish to Chinese or Turkish.
  • Another challenge a specialized fashion translator faces is the constant innovation in the textile industry. They must be up to date with designs and trends, but above all with the language used. Fashion is full of words acquired from other languages and the translator must decide whether to use foreign words or adapt them to the target culture looking for the most appropriate term.

Uses and benefits of this type of translation

Website translation applied to the textile and fashion industry is applied in different ways.

  • Websites All brands, designers, establishments and e-commerce sites translate their website. This is especially complex since it is not just texts. Special attention must be paid to images making sure they are appropriate in the culture of some specific countries as well as to the best graphic arrangement depending on the length of the texts the target language requires.
    It is also important to apply website localization and translation in sections regarding the purchasing process, the garment’s characteristics, sizes, currency, payment method or customer service.
  • Social media All fashion brands are present on social media. And not only them, but also companies related to the textile industry, regardless of whether they are big or small. Screens are the new store windows. Besides displaying and explaining the latest items, social media demands two-way communication between the company and its followers, who give their opinion, inquire and comment.
  • Other types of texts that need to be translated are raw material catalogs for professionals as well as fashion catalogs for those who will buy the garments. And, of course, fashion magazines, press releases, specialized blogs or commercials among others.

The benefits of website translation that is specialized in the textile and fashion industry are obvious. A professional translation guarantees the correct interaction between professionals and between professionals and consumers. Fashion translation is essential in order to avoid miscommunication with suppliers and partners around the world, and it also plays an essential part in marketing.

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