Website and app translation and localization in the energy industry

translation and localization in the energy industry
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Companies in the energy industry work in an environment that is more and more globalized. Companies that generate, distribute and commercialize power in several countries work together, but they also compete to operate in different markets and try to provide consumers with the best offer. Counting on a website translation and localization agency is necessary to be able to communicate with the different parts of the company and in different fields.

Keys to website localization in the energy industry

From the technical characteristics of a process to the advertising texts aimed at the end user. The amount of information generated by these companies is huge, which is why it is important to carry out the translation and localization of languages of each country where they are interested in doing business.

Specialized translators work with very different documents depending on each context, using the industry’s own terminology that must be conveyed in the target language with the most accurate and appropriate equivalence.

The following are some of the documents that require translation in the energy sector:

  • Field and resource exploitation studies.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Audits.
  • Legal and procedural documents.
  • Tenders.
  • Business studies.
  • Professional guides and manuals.
  • User guides.
  • Technical sheets.
  • Articles and press releases.
  • Publicity and marketing.
  • Websites and blogs.

The variety of content demands experts in website translation and localization who have a vast knowledge of the energy industry and a great ability to contextualize each text, not only in the culture and idiosyncrasies of the target language and country, but also with the target audience (B2B and B2C).

Use and benefits of website translation for energy companies

The keys to this type of translation are reflected in the benefits they bring to companies in each area in which they are present.

Research and development

There are many studies about new power sources, profitability and optimization of resources, as well as collaborations with public and private universities or the projects shared between corporations.

This research and its results are disseminated among the various centers of the same company in different countries, as well as among international companies and organizations.


The work of a specialized translator is essential for communication among pubic and privates companies and bodies from other countries. Business procedures, legal documents, certificates or contracts require a high command of the target and source language and culture. A professional translation agency offers expert translators and sworn translators who are qualified to provide international validity to the documents that need it.

Marketing and publicity

Companies in the energy industry address the end user to offer them various services, for which they use various channels. This content must be translated and localized to gain the users’ trust in the message given. Companies’ websites, blogs and promotions must reach the public in such a way as to offer a positive experience to each user.

Website translation and localization is an essential resource for companies in the energy industry, which is becoming more globalized and competitive. Trusting a professional translation agency like Linguaserve makes your internationalization efforts profitable by offering a quality and trustworthy image.