Trends in professional translation for 2022

Professional translation is increasingly necessary given the constant interaction of industries and companies at the international level. After the forced stoppage due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the reactivation of the global economy is generating a large amount of professional content for companies aimed at suppliers and customers around the world.

Despite the bottlenecks caused by the supply crisis and shipping congestion in the last quarter of 2021, the outlook is promising and a normalization of trade flows is expected , especially from the second quarter of 2022.

The growth of world trade this year is estimated at 5.4% and the industries that will play the most important role will be those dedicated to the energy sector, electronics, and machinery and equipment. In fact, in Spain, exports of goods and services are expected to increase, exceeding the pre-crisis value level in 2022. The sectors with the highest growth will be tourism services and the agri-food industry.

From the translation perspective, translations for the energy sector, tourism or the food industry are some of the most useful for boosting companies in these economic sectors. The translation sector plays a key role in reviving the economy.

The professional translation sector is key to business interaction

Global trade is moving fast and industries and companies must move at the same pace. The constant international interaction generates a large amount of content comprising all types of texts: contracts, account reports, manuals, instructions or advertising and marketing actions, among others.

Likewise, the continuous technological progress is used by international companies to establish multilingual communication with their work centers located in other countries, allowing them to organize meetings and offer continuous training to their employees through e-learning.

Given this reality, the services of the professional translation sector are increasingly in demand by industries and companies.

Which translation services will be most in demand

The volume of work in the translation sector in Spain and around the world is growing at the same pace as the globalization and internationalization of companies, both large companies and SMEs, reaching markets all over the world.

These are the most demanded services in the translation industry in 2022:

  • Centralized management of all translation processes, through a content management system that facilitates a continuous and automatic exchange between the company and the translation agency.
  • Automated solutions to manage website translation. Through translation plugins, we work on the content in the different languages with a global vision of the whole project and its adaptation on the website.
  • Specialized translation. In addition to having translators specialized in the sector to which they belong, companies require translation services with experts in various subject areas (legal, technical, advertising, etc.).
  • Professional machine translation to ensure quality and maintenance of each company's corporate style. Software with custom-trained translation engines for each client with post-editing by expert translators when necessary.
  • Translation with positioning strategy. Companies want to be found, and SEO translation experts specialize in translating and localizing content with the right keywords for each target market in mind.

Professional translation services, with the various technological and multilingual solutions they offer to industries and companies, are indispensable for positioning themselves in a globalized economy.