Translation services in the reactivation of the tourism industry

Translation services in the tourism industry
By November 17th, 2021 | web translation | 0 Comments

During the following months, translation services will play an important role in the reactivation of Spain’s tourism industry. Following the interruption caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, tourists are looking forward to traveling more than ever. Internet searches as well as looking at travel brochures are rising every day.

Tourism businesses can’t stop their activity. In the ever-changing tourism industry, in which the content is constantly renewed to add new experiences and activities, tourism translation gains special relevance to give an audience that is already very well informed, an appealing message in their own language.

Distinctive features of tourism translation

The work of a tourism writer involves the need to translate the information of the product while getting the same result as the original text, making it as intriguing and appealing. A tourism translator uses very creative language that is full of slogans, expressions and typical words from our culture that are hard to translate, which entails difficulties such as the lack of equivalences and false friends.

A tourism translation conveys the content in the appropriate tone, maintaining its nuances and adapting it all to the language and culture of the target audience. This way, it becomes a positive experience for them as soon as they become acquainted and interested in our offer.

Reasons to invest in a professional translation service

Hiring a good tourism translation service means:

  • Breaking language barriers and reaching any interested party.
  • Providing a positive online search experience through websites and blogs.
  • Creating impressive advertising campaigns that send the most appropriate message to each country and culture.
  • Promoting customer loyalty providing them with flawless customer service and diligence.

Benefits of good tourism translation

The aforementioned actions provide the following benefits:

  • It improves the target audience’s knowledge of the tourism business, giving it a good international image full of expertise and proficiency.
  • It makes people want to live the offered traveling experience.
  • It provides the client with trust and safety, as they find terminological consistency in all the communications of the tourism company, which can range from promotional brochures to administrative documents.
  • It offers quality in all texts (brochures, catalogs, magazines, web and social media content, marketing and advertising campaigns, audiovisual documents and content).

What a good translation service provides a tourism company with

A good tourism translation service stands out by providing the best solutions to its clients, understanding their needs and making the best human and technical resources available to them. We can highlight:

  • Translators who have expertise in the source and target languages, as well as their idiosyncrasies and cultures, in order to adapt the texts to the language they are being translated into and make them match the target audience.
  • Professionals who are specialized in tourism translation and know the differences between the audience of our country and those from the countries to which the tourism products are addressed. This will make them cause the same impact in both places.
  • Translators who have SEO knowledge use the right keywords to translate the content and optimize its search engine ranking.
  • Translation technologies hat facilitate the constant interaction between the tourism company and the translation service, thus responding to all of their communication needs.

Entrusting your communication strategy to a specialized professional tourism translation service that has the best experts in tourism translation is the best choice you can make so your tourism business stands out from the rest and you place yourself at the very top of the industry's reactivation in our country.