Translation and interpreting: 5 main technological innovations

Technological innovations are constant in the professional translation and interpreting field. Companies in the translation and interpreting field leverage technological developments to offer their clients the most beneficial strategies to develop their product or service in any language and market.

These technological solutions connected with the translation and interpreting field, will allow you to design and customize the multilingual communication of your company.

Management systems and linked multilingual service connectors

Through a portal, by way of a virtual office, it is possible to carry out different processes that increase productivity and reduce costs thanks to the centralization of linguistic assets, process automation and workflow monitoring. Some of these functions are:


  • Requesting, sending and receiving multilingual files.


  • Generating reports to control budgets, orders and costs.


  • Checking different online linguistic resources, such as glossaries, corporate dictionaries and style guides.


Plugins manage the translation requests and the information exchanged between the content management system of your company and the hired translation services, exporting the translatable text and importing it once it is translated, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Machine translation

Without a doubt, this technological innovation is of great assistance in optimizing the communication with your clients.

Through advanced software with learning capability, a large amount of content is translated instantly. Automation can be complemented by post-editing tasks performed by a professional translator to ensure coherence and contextualization, thus guaranteeing quality professional translation.

Unlike free machine translation, that anyone can find, at Linguaserve we progressively train machine translation engines (MT), uniquely for each client. Translation memories have revised and validated content by regularly updating the corporate terminology of the company.

Our technological solution for machine translation guarantees privacy of the data contained in the linguistic repository of each client, by training the translation engine under strict non-disclosure agreements.

Multilingual document management

If you need to translate documents regularly, with this solution you will save time and money.

Specific translation memories store the segmented and defined data by type and series, allowing updates and modifications of parts when necessary.

With this, you will gain a swift execution, guaranteeing coherence and quality of your multilingual translation.

Telephone interpreting

The interpreter works with the spoken word, transmitting a message from one language to another.

Technology is also present in this sphere through telephone interpreting. This technological solution allows instant translation from a landline to a cellphone, obtaining constant communication between the speakers, even if they are in very distant locations.

In any of the available options –through a multilingual call center, video conference or only with the speakers’ presence–, this tool is extremely valuable to reach your goal of developing a multilingual communication system.

Real time translation

By using multilingual publishing proxy servers, real time content translation is managed, creating different versions based on the language and acting as an intermediary between the guest and the website.

Their engines adapt to each client’s orders, simplifying maintenance and updating.

Technological innovation in translation and interpreting is an essential resource for the expansion of your business into new markets and getting new clients around the world. What are you waiting for? Find out which are the most convenient for your business.

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