Translation accompanied by photos: why it is necessary for e-commerce

Factors such as globalization, competitiveness and speed have boosted e-commerce in the last year. Nevertheless, if there has been a determining factor as to why numbers in the year 2020 have skyrocketed, it has been the pandemic. COVID-19 has forced millions of people to stay at home, allowing the most loyal as well as new customers to acquire a huge number of products and services from anywhere around the world at any time of the day.

Finding an online store in one’s native language, many times determines the purchase or lack thereof. In fact, according to a study carried out by Common Sense Advisory, in which 3,000 online buyers from 10 countries were polled, language is a main factor to shop online. Therefore, if you have an e-commerce business and you still haven’t translated the website, you are losing a big chance of selling.

Are you finally convinced about the importance of translating your e-commerce site? If you want to know why translation accompanied by photos is necessary for your business, keep on reading.

Translation accompanied by photos: the essential tool for your e-commerce site

The content of your e-commerce business catalog is the showroom for you to display and describe your products and services. Its translation is especially relevant for the user to understand what you are selling.

In addition, if your e-commerce business belongs to one of the sectors in which a picture is worth a thousand words, then translation accompanied by photos is crucial for success.

The added value of translation accompanied by photos

Translation accompanied by photos is a technological solution specially developed for any e-commerce business dedicated to fashion, art, engineering... That is, any sector in which graphics are fundamental.

Through a web platform, a team of expert translators and validators collaborate using the graphic support that ensures translation accuracy and excellence. The operation is simple: our team of professionals check the image with the product description in all languages, hence avoiding any type of error coming from product translation with no graphic reference to back it up.

Proof Editor is a service provided by Linguaserve that uses a web system with controlled access to the image directory in the client’s editing environment, which includes the strongest levels of safety.

Translation accompanied by photos helps turning your e-commerce business into a benchmark and position in international markets hand in hand with the best multilingual services.

Much more than the translation of your e-commerce business

Not everything is acceptable for the translation of your e-commerce site. Poor content translation can ruin all the effort you put into internationalizing your company.

Just as you care about the quality of the products and services you offer, their description on your website in each language can add value to your e-commerce business or, on the contrary, make a bad impression that will cause the buyer’s apprehension or mistrust.

Nobody likes to buy at a dirty physical store or where products are poorly displayed. So why would an online user choose products that have a description they don't understand or doesn’t make any sense? Quality e-commerce site translation is the best gate to your online shop.

The benefit of a multilingual solution

If you really want to add value to your e-commerce business and internationalize it, you need to implement multilingual communication that adapts to your e-commerce site. Hiring translation services, will provide you with various tools and technological solutions that guarantee the quality and accuracy of each version of your website.

As you can see, it’s not only about translating. A good internationalization process requires good localization and translation work carried out by a professional team. Translation accompanied by photos can avoid numerous errors that can result in translating the content of your e-commerce website with no graphic references of your products.