Three ways of managing the translation of your website

translation of your website
By January 19th, 2022 | web translation | 0 Comments

Technological development and digital transformation of companies offer new tools to effectively manage the different services they need. This advantage has also brought business globalization, which makes it essential that the different communication channels that are used are multilingual in order to be present in other markets.

The translation of your website and that of the rest of the content present in your business strategy is essential. If they’re well managed, it can become an excellent opportunity if you want to globalize your business.

Linguaserve puts the most advanced technological translation solutions at your disposal for translating your website professionally. The following is a description so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

Technological solutions for translating your website

As translation and linguistic service specialists, we work with the most advanced resources for the comprehensive communication management of all types of businesses. The following are some of our most successful options for translating your website.

Virtual office for multilingual document management

The Client Portal is an effective solution for globalization, internationalization, localization and translation in large companies as well as SMBs and for freelancers.

Our Client Portal (GBC User) provides users with a multilingual document manager for companies that allows activating and supervising:

  • Requests.
  • Sent items.
  • Received items.
  • Management of multilingual files.

This reduces costs and maintains a high level of quality.

It’s easy and intuitive configuration and interface allow you to track tasks in real time and generate reports among the different organizational levels.

If you need to develop any kind of website translation and localization project, the Client Portal is where it all starts.

Translation services connector for content management systems

The GBC Server, which is integrated into your management platform, receives the translation requests and returns them ready to be published. This facilitates the exchange of information between the document and content management system and the translation environment, automating the tasks related to management and localization of website and document content.

Once configured, the connector allows you to easily select the website content to be translated, which is sent to your translation agency. The translated content is automatically returned for its review and publishing.

If your company manages a large amount of multilingual content, this website management and localization system’s autonomy and compatibility make it a great solution.

Proxy translation: instant multilingual website

Our Atlas Real Time proxy translation is a top-notch tool capable of automatically analyzing the website, creating a list with all the content and managing its translation, all on the same interface. This way you’ll know what the translation will look like in context, avoiding errors in the composition of the texts, visual references and spaces.

It’s a real time result, in which different versions are created depending on the requested language.

Translating your website is one thing you must do if you wish to conquer new markets. Liguaserve puts expert translators and cutting-edge technological translation solutions at your disposal to help you design the best multilingual communication strategy for the internationalization of your business.