The role of copywriting in translation and transcreation services

The word copywriting can be defined in several different ways, although all of them can be summarized by its goal: persuading to sell.

The need for differentiation is the essence of copywriting. In an increasingly globalized world full of competitors, you need to stand out, and copywriting is the tool that helps you do just that.

What is the purpose of copywriting?

Not everything goes when it comes to writing texts that a company uses to lead a particular audience towards a specific action.

First, the marketing department profiles the target audience, searches for the right keywords to “persuade” the search engine algorithms and establishes the logistics to be followed.

With all this, the copywriter must find the words to persuade and turn the whole strategy into results. Doing that requires responding to the customer’s needs.

As an example, here are two quotes from famous copywriters:


  • When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it “creative.” I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product. (David Ogilvy).


  • Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad. (Howard Gossage).


But what do you do when you’ve got the perfect texts and need to translate them?

The answer is in the following section.

Copywriting in translation and transcreation services

Conveying a persuasive, convincing message in all the languages of the campaign you are running is a task for translation services and, above all, for transcreation services.

Transcreation is the most creative part of advertising translation. It’s not so much about translating the message as it is about translating the feeling, the feeling the message should provoke in those who receive it.

The key to being a good transcreator and creator of transcreation success stories is not only mastering both languages perfectly, but also being part of the culture and character of the place where the message is directed. It also requires having the necessary creativity to convey the very essence of the original idea, even if the text has to be changed completely.

This is why it’s important to have a native translator specialized in copywriting in translation and transcreation services.

Copywriting in translation is essential for advertising translation. The translator applies marketing techniques and resources, such as the search for the most appropriate keywords, combining their work as a translator with that of a creative copywriter.

Transcreation services: copy for every language

Can you imagine having to hire a copywriter for every language you use in your next advertising campaign? That’s what you get when you hire transcreation services with a translation agency like Linguaserve.

Following the same guidelines set out in the briefing, the translation in each language stays loyal to the corporate spirit of the original idea, as a transcreation task is carried out so that the target audience in either place internalizes the message as if it had been written in their own language.

Good copywriting service applied to transcreation gives you the agility and confidence of having all the copy of each language in one place.

If you’re going to internationalize your company and need to translate your campaigns, contact us and make your products or services the right solution for every place.

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