The importance of translating product sheets on an e-commerce website

traducción de fichas de producto en ecommerce
By February 28th, 2020 | ecommerce | 0 Comments

Translating your e-commerce website can lead to a substantial increase in sales. After all, language allows you to instill confidence in your consumers, no matter what country they're from. If you want to internationalize your brand, you need to internationalize your message.


Get your website ready for visitors

The idea is simple. Everything you plan to communicate has to be prepared in such a way that your target audience can understand it perfectly. In your product sheets, for example, you need to detail all the pertinent information on the product in question. What happens when this information is inexact or inaccurate? These are the main risks you run:

- A drop in sales. If your translation is particularly poor, many products won’t be purchased simply because customers do not understand what you're offering. Undoubtedly, your sales will suffer if you have a poor translation.


- Possible confusions. No matter what product you are selling, you always need to be honest about what it is. A poor translation may result in you selling something that does not really exist or is not your real product. This could result in widespread formal complaints or claims.

- Lack of trust. In today's world, brands rely heavily on the trust they generate with their customers. This is a key bond that helps to sustain sales. Language that is difficult to understand can be a setback for any company trying to position itself as a leader in its sector.

-Damage to reputation. What would you think if the major brands started writing poor creative copy? They likely wouldn’t seem as enticing or successful. Well this same thing can happen to your brand or online store reputation.


Translation professionals for your e-commerce website

Why do we find translations with such poor quality? 

Brands frequently rely on machine translations or literal translations instead of transposing texts from one language to another. Every language has its own common inflections, expressions, and words. Even if you translate a text with correct grammar, you may end up with language that is obsolete or unrealistic in the real world. This is precisely what makes many people lose interest in these types of websites.

The best option is to hire professionals in the field to help you come up with an effective translation that your target audience can use to get to know your products conveniently and intimately.

In short, translating an e-commerce website is more important than you might think, especially when your direct goal is to internationalize your business and sales. With this in mind, start off on the right foot and hire a team of professionals who will give you the best translation possible.