The importance of style in a professional translation

style in a professional translation
By October 26th, 2022 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

Do you find professional translation expensive? Do you use automatic translators because you think the meaning is understood?

Most of us have at some time resorted to any Internet translator or a friend who speaks the language to understand a sentence or a text. But doing the same for translating professional content can be terrible for your company's image.

Why does the translation style make a difference?

Surely the writing style of your company's content manages to transmit all its corporate value and the words draw the image you want to convey. But what happens on a day-to-day basis when you have to translate various types of professional content into one or more languages?

The translation style preserves and adapts the spirit of the corporate communication to the target language(s). And this can only be achieved with a professional translation.

Machine translators translate the words in text boxes without considering the message as a whole. Ideally, you should have at your disposal a professional translation agency with the necessary skills to translate in the right style, taking into account linguistic turns, ambiguous meanings and, in many cases, company-specific terminology.

A professional translator pays attention to the context to correctly interpret the message of the content and convey its intention.

Translation style defines your international presence

Translation style demands creativity and rigorousness equally to achieve linguistic coherence in all the content of the same company, even if they have very different purposes.

A business may need to translate content as diverse as contracts, legal texts, manuals, advertising texts, marketing campaigns, balance sheets or internal guides, among others. And, although each one of them has its particularities depending on the objective, all of them must keep the same consistent line with the corporate language and style.

The talent and experience of a professional translator prepares him/her to adapt to the characteristics of each text without forgetting the following factors:

  • Company brand. The professional translator is supported by appropriate solutions (translation memories, glossaries and terminology guides) to ensure that the company's image is not devalued in international markets.
  • Originality of the text. Translated content reaches every audience by conveying the same idea as the original content.
  • Target culture. The user of the translated message perceives the content as if it had been written in their own language, with the variants and nuances of each language.

The style is recognizable in all languages and adds personality, regardless of the type of content. When you rely on a professional translation company, you are investing in a good international image for your company.