The different services offered by translation and interpretation agencies

It is likely that at some point your business will need translation and interpretation services from a company specializing in the field. This may come when you're looking to expand your business and client portfolio beyond your own borders, or you might need these services to translate legal documents, a sensitive matter that can only be performed by translation professionals.


The most popular translation and interpretation services

All services offered by a translation and interpretation agency, like Linguaserve, are geared towards achieving multilingual communication with customers. For this purpose, companies offer a range of solutions adapted to each particular case and to the multiple information formats found today, including multimedia.



Thanks to a portfolio of more than 2,500 professional native translators around the world, Linguaserve is able to provide a translation service that meets the corresponding quality control requirements and standards. What’s more, the service is available in any time zone.


Website translation is one of the most popular services, thanks to the ongoing digital transformation taking place in most companies. This service provides a translation for any website content and generates glossaries specifically for SEO purposes in the desired language. It is also appropriate for translating graphics or multimedia content.


This takes an existing idea as a starting point and recreates it, adapting it to the cultural context of the target language. This service is highly useful for advertising and marketing agencies which look to pinpoint a message for different countries, each one with their respective language and linguistic reality.


If you are looking to add subtitles to a digital video in another language, your best option is to hire a company specializing in translation. Using the right software, you’ll get a top-quality result in terms of content and format.


A translation agency like Linguaserve has the proper infrastructure to carry out turn-key voice-over and dubbing projects. This means recording studios, soundproof facilities, an array of microphones, staff trained in voice-over and voice modulation, etc.


Any video or audio material can be transcribed, whether in the same language or in a different language using translation. As this can be done with any audio file, the agency will always cater to the characteristics of the client's project.


The importance of hiring translation experts

The translation and interpretation services offered by an agency like Linguaserve must be geared towards achieving the objectives agreed with the client while meeting the pertinent quality standards. All this is possible when you hire experts who are up for the challenge and who can get it done within the client's deadlines. At Linguaserve you’ll find a professional team with native staff who can ensure compliance with these standards and who can guarantee the best results.