SEO Translation: mistakes to avoid in the translation of your website

SEO Translation
By December 8th, 2021 | web translation | 0 Comments

Nowadays, digital presence is unquestionable for all businesses, regardless of the sector in which they develop their activity. Having a website with good SEO translation is essential if you want people to find you and learn about your product or service. Furthermore, the Internet breaks barriers and facilitates being present almost anywhere in the world.

If you have decided to internationalize your business and make yourself known in other markets, you should ask yourself how to translate websites. And, you should bear in mind that you can’t get it done any which way. To drive traffic to your website that will turn into conversions and sales, you should consider SEO in each language.

Regardless of how good your ranking is in Spain, it won’t be the same for the different versions of your website in other languages. That is why developing a good SEO strategy, with the help of a professional translator is the best way to start and expand your business.

What is SEO translation and why is it so important?

SEO translation is a translation service. It is carried out by following a set of criteria to get a high ranking in search traffic, in terms of content quality and translation as well as technical aspects that deal with marketing techniques focused on improving the website’s classification.

It is important to optimize your website’s content so the algorithm used by search engines (for Google it is PageRank) ranks it between 1 and 10 on the first page, following rules such as:

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Site authority

Mistakes to avoid in the SEO translation of your website

To develop a correct SEO translation strategy it is important to start with content quality and avoid the mistakes detailed below:

Using machine translation

It’s tempting, but using machine translation is the best way for search engines to rule you out: inconsistencies, false friends, untranslated words, unintelligible writing, etc. The risk of generating low quality content is very high. Search engines know that and they penalize it. A good translator carries out cultural, linguistic and technical localization to reach the target market.

Using the same keywords

A good SEO translator will know how to look for keywords that are consistent with search trends in different languages. This preparation will provide a keyword glossary with their possible alternatives, making the text sound natural and rank in a better position.

Not translating all metadata

The data that provide information on the content highly affect ranking. Translating it correctly is important to improve the website’s ranking. We are referring to each one of the URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions and ALT attributes of the images (the text is provided in the target language when the image cannot be displayed). Likewise, links must be adapted so they redirect to sites in the same language as the translated site.

Counting on a company such as Linguaserve, which is specialized in different types of translation, to carry out the SEO translation of your website, will guarantee adding one more quality feature to the internationalization of your business.