Scientific translation: Why is it so necessary during the pandemic?

scientific translation
By August 18th, 2021 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

Nowadays, scientific translation is more useful and necessary than ever. This translation specialty, which is usually aimed at the professionals of the various disciplines related to science, is gaining relevance with the health crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The worldwide range of this pandemic makes it essential for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, hospitals and healthcare centers, public and private research institutions and government bodies to communicate constantly, quickly and effectively.

As you can imagine, all of this exchange of information and knowledge generates a huge amount of studies, publications in specialized magazines, instruction guides, medication package inserts, certificates and statements of all kinds that unarguably need to be translated into several languages.

The high value of a good scientific translation

This important information flow requires an accurate and highly specialized job, which can only be carried out by a translation company that has translators with the necessary experience and knowledge in these topics and, of course, a perfect command of the languages they work in.

Scientific language has its own specific terminology in each of the scientific fields that the translator must know to guarantee a flawless translation.

The value of quality scientific translation increases when turning an academic and professional translation of each one of the disciplines into one that can reach the general public, which is thirsty for information but does not have the necessary knowledge to understand the content to which they now have access.

The vital role of scientific translation in scientific research and development

The COVID-19 pandemic has made evident the demand to get information quickly and accurately. Even more so in the information age, in which immediacy is prioritized over anything else.

The world’s scientific community works together and the communication flow is constant and demands having a specialized scientific translation of all this content practically at the same time as the original texts are received.

Researchers, doctors and professionals of all the fields involved, constantly receive results, statistics, studies and analyses from different parts of the world that must be translated and which, at the same time, give value and importance to scientific translation professionals so all of them can access this necessary knowledge.

The growing field of scientific translation

Globalization and technological progress facilitate being able to share broad scientific knowledge so every professional can benefit from it, regardless of where they work.

Manufacturing and distribution companies, suppliers of scientific material and products and doctors are demanding more and more scientific translations to establish business relations in other countries. As an example, the law in the European Union demands the translation of the product’s technical documents in each one of the official languages of the countries in which they will be commercialized.

Scientific progress is acquiring a greater relevance for an increasing amount of public: companies, governments, professionals in the different disciplines, press and the general public. In a context like this, it is essential to ensure the quality of a scientific translation and the best way to do so is to trust the expertise of a professional translation service.