Professional website translation: essential for e-learning

Professional website translation for e-learning
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Do you work at a company specialized in online training? Have you ever considered professional website translation to adapt your company’s website and all of your training material?

Translation services in the educational field facilitate the growth of e-learning platforms, since it makes it possible to broaden the educational offer or, at least make it accessible to a larger amount of students without the native language of each one of them being a barrier.

What are the advantages of an e-learning translation service?

Professional website translation brings benefits to the image and economy of these centers, which offer flexible and personalized training, eliminating time and physical limitations and leveraging the advantages provided by the latest technological advances. The following are some of the main advantages your online training company can benefit from:

  • When offering training in several languages, an e-learning translation service allows obtaining new clients/students anywhere in the world.
  • Helps improve your company’s position as a benchmark in this type of training since it is present in all markets.
  • Increases the number of visits to your website and favors achieving the goals set in your marketing strategy.
  • Promotes student loyalty, who feel much more comfortable since they can study in their own language.
  • One way or another all of the above can turn into greater economic benefits that favor the investment and constant improvement of the offer and content of the courses. And with this, the image and reputation of the qualification and training center.

To leverage the advantages of this service as much as possible, it is essential to collaborate with a website translation agency that has the necessary experience and versatility in human and technical resources that will guarantee a flawless and appealing result.

What should you include in an e-learning translation service?

The translation of your company’s website is the gateway for visitors who land on your website after searching on the internet and finding you. In this sense, the adequate translation and localization of the website is the first impression and brings forward the quality level of the rest of content.

A good e-learning translation service must also include the rest of educational material: course content (lectures, summaries, outlines and infographics), subtitling and professional voiceover related with training, virtual campus and how to contact the teaching staff. What would be the purpose of attracting students and not offering them the experience they are looking for?

Why is it better to collaborate with a website translation agency?

If you are related with the e-learning training field, you may have thought how good it would be for the company to have its educational offer in several languages in order to expand and attract new students.

The amount of content to translate is obviously important and you need more than one person to do so. The good thing is that it is not necessary that the company has its own translation team with the sufficient solvency and expenditure it implies. The best solution is to collaborate with a website translation agency that is capable of carrying out your project and be in touch whenever necessary.

There are several reasons why:

  • The translators are native in the target language and provide the necessary ease and adaptation to the content.
  • There are translators who are specialized in different areas (technology, science, economy, etc.) at your disposal, ensuring a correct and consistent translation.
  • You can deal with projects that require translating a large amount of content, in terms of human resources and capacity as well as technology.
  • Having technological resources and solutions to speed up the translation processes and ensure your own style in all the content.
  • Adapting translations to different multimedia formats used for e-learning courses.

Take advantage of the benefits website translation can provide your e-learning company with, trusting the experience and know-how of a linguistic services agency like Linguaserve, with specialized translators and a leader in the development of projects that require quality translation to expand in your market.

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