Plugins to translate a site in WordPress that you should not use

Plugins to translate a site in WordPress
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If you are looking for a plugin to translate a website in WordPress, you will probably find yourself comparing one and another, getting information here and there. In this sense, the first thing you should do is find out which plugins you should not use if you want to maintain a good reputation for the image of your content at an international level. Read on and you'll find out why.

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To choose the WordPress translation plugin that best suits your needs, it is important to evaluate the functionalities and requirements offered by each one.

Obviously, none of them will exactly meet your requirements, so you should choose the one that comes closest to them. In other articles we have explained the features to take into account and what we consider to be the best plugin to translate a website in WordPress.

Today we want to point out the plugins to translate a site in WordPress that you should not use for different reasons.

Plugins to translate WordPress website that are not advisable

It is easy to find in any search engine information and lists about the best translation plugins or, at least, the best known, but it is not so easy to know which ones you should not use if you want a good result.

Either because they are outdated, because of incompatibilities, because they do not have the minimum guarantee or because the technical support is neither there nor expected. These are some of the translation plugins that are not suitable for you:

  • QTranslate. If you want to have a multilingual website, this plugin does not work for you. It is outdated and causes problems in new versions of WordPress. Its operation affects web positioning negatively because it is not compatible with the main SEO plugins for WordPress. Their upgraded versions do not solve the problems and are still very limited.
  • Transposh. "Basic" is the attribute that best defines this translation plugin. It causes quite a few problems (just read user reviews) and is very limited: It is not properly updated, has no technical support and relies on Google's machine translation.
  • Lingotek. This plugin uses a free cloud-based translation system and you choose what level of "quality" you prefer. Machine translation, avoid it if you don't want to ruin your multilingual digital presence. They also use community translation but without having specialized translators and, ultimately, what they call professional translation. This is handled by an agency associated with the plugin.
  • Gtranslate. Another gem that in its free version stands out for the inaccuracy of the translation. In addition, it works as a language selector that performs automatic translation with a built-in JavaScript engine, so it does not index in search engines, the website URL does not change and the translations are not stored.

Currently, you can find about a hundred plugins to translate in WordPress. However, most of them are very limited and their functionalities and the quality of the translations leave much to be desired.

If you want to internationalize your website without major errors and give multilingual access to all your content with a professional translation, opt for translation plugins with the most complete functionalities, technical support and consulting services that will allow you to resolve any issue.

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