Liaison interpreting: what it is and why it is more important now than ever

Liaison interpreting
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Liaison interpreting is a language interpreting service in which a specialist is the link between two parties, which can be two individuals, one individual and a small group or two small groups.

It is currently one of the most relevant interpreting services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which means having to adopt safety restrictions and measures. With no big meetings and mass events, meetings take place with the minimum number of people. In this context, liaison interpreting is the most appropriate type of interpreting for a private environment, which needs immediate translation to achieve a fluent conversation.

But liaison interpreting does not only stand out in exceptional situations. There are many times in which this type of interpreting, among all types of interpreting, is very important.

Situations in which liaison interpreting is the most convenient type

Due to its distinctive features, liaison interpreting is specifically designed for these situations:

  • Corporate and business negotiations with partners, suppliers or international clients. A good language interpreter provides the parties with trust and spontaneity.
  • Bilateral meetings between politicians and diplomats.
  • State visits A liaison interpreter permanently accompanies the visitor. This is why this type of interpreting is also called escort interpreting.
  • Visits to specialized professionals (doctors, professors, etc.) A liaison interpreter makes communication possible between both parties.
  • Legal appointments Making inquiries with law professionals and subpoenas. It is sometimes necessary to count on the work of a sworn translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation to certify and provide official veracity to the oral translation.

Characteristics of liaison interpreting

The private and limited environment in which this type of interpreting is carried out makes the interpreter more important. They are what connects both parties and allows for fluent and ongoing conversation. It is a demanding task which requires the liaison interpreter to have some specific skills:

  • Great command of the languages used during the meeting in order to switch naturally from one language to the another.
  • Good diction, fluency and ease in immediate translation.
  • Attention to non-verbal communication, gestures and expressions from the parties in order to communicate the message with the same tone and meaning as the original speaker. This is especially important in all types of negotiations.
  • Empathy and social skills In formal events and important corporate visits the liaison interpreter is the key to making a good impression and maintaining a positive environment.

Liaison interpreting is the foundation of important decisions, but it is essential to count on a reliable language interpreter. At Linguaserve we are specialists in translation and interpreting services and we offer you a liaison interpreting service with the guarantee of our experience and knowledge. 

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