Legal translation, localization or interpreting: Which one do you need?

Are you a legal professional or are you part of a company that regularly manages legal documents? If that’s the case, you probably need to communicate with other companies, professionals or individuals in other languages. This is where legal translation services come on the scene.

Legal translation stands out for being an essential factor in many situations: your client or the opposing party speak another language or you have to work with companies or law firms from other parts of the world Accuracy and precision in oral and written communication are crucial to not distort the meaning of the content in any way.

There are many legal acts that are necessary day-to-day at law firms and businesses related to services in this field. Oral and written communication is constant in documents, contracts, testimonies, statements and minutes among others.

Just as there are different legal acts, there are also different linguistic services you may need depending on the situation. It is important to understand which is the most appropriate in each circumstance, and even more so, to trust a professional translation company that will guarantee its availability and quality, as well as its advice in case of doubt.

We are going to explain the most important linguistic services in the legal scope so you know them all and know which one you need at all times.

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Which is the right linguistic service for each case?

We previously mentioned legal translation, but this is not the only resource you should consider. Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to translate an oral testimony with all of its nuances, including the right tone and expression of the witness to convey the whole meaning? Legal interpreting is the solution.

The internationalization of companies leads to contracts, lawsuits, collaborations and all types of documents between two or more parties that involve two or more languages. There are times in which it is hard to communicate when the cultural environment of the other party is very different in use and customs. In these cases, you must choose legal localization. Let’s see when to apply each one.

Legal translation service

Legal translation requires professionals who are specialized in translating legal documents related to administrative proceedings. The following are some of the most common situations that demand this service:

  • Documents and reports you must send and those you receive in other languages

  • Notarized deeds

  • Record certifications

  • Contracts

  • Statements

  • Proof of life certificates and wills

When the document is addressed to an official public body, such as registries, courts or embassies, you need a sworn legal translation. In this case, the translator will be a sworn translator.

Legal interpreting service

Words are the raison d'être of many legal acts. The nuances and the ability to make yourself understood in another language are the keys to a successful process.

Legal interpreting provides the level of accuracy and precision you need without excluding the tone and meaning of the words. There are many situations in which you may need this service:

  • Professional meetings and events in other countries
  • Video conferences
  • Legal statements and testimonies
  • Conversations with foreign clients

As with translation, you may sometimes need the work of a sworn interpreter that acts as a notary of the word.

Legal localization service

Communication among clients or professionals of different cultures may get complicated when the methods, protocols and idiosyncrasies are different. That is exactly when you should take it to the next level and hire a legal localization service.

This way, you will ensure the connotation and value of the words are not lost and are totally understandable, respecting the context of the target language.

Knowing the different kinds of legal translation services will allow you to choose the most appropriate one to internationalize all of your legal procedures. Do you already know which service you need?

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