How to transcribe audio to text with professional guarantees

how to transcribe audio to text
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Transcribing audio to text is a service increasingly used by companies and organizations to record in writing what is said. As we will explain below, there are many different situations in which a transcription from audio to text is necessary.

When is it necessary to transcribe audio to text?

The transcription service of a multilingual services company brings us important benefits, especially when a certain agility and knowledge of the language is required to transfer the information given orally. Some examples of this, where the audio to text transcription service is very necessary to avoid any type of error, are:

  • Witness statements, evidence and other legal
  • Lectures, presentations and speeches.
  • Minutes of business or institutional meetings.
  • Subtitles for promotional or corporate videos.
  • Master classes.
  • Interviews and debates.

As you can see, transcribing video to text or audio to text is a more complex task than it seems. Leaving it in inexperienced hands can result in content that is difficult to understand and, therefore, compromise the image of professionalism and trustworthiness of a company or institution.

Why count on a professional service for audio to text transcription

Being able to record on an audio or video support any of the situations we have mentioned and then convert them into text makes it much easier for us to analyze, study or record in detail what has been said by one or more people. For example, it is a really useful resource for a journalist who wants to write up an interview or a detailed analysis of a debate. You may be able to get by if it's a case-by-case basis or the recording duration is not excessively long, but constant volume or considerably long recordings can make this service especially useful in professional settings like this one.

A transcription of testimonies for any legal act also requires a great deal of accuracy and literalness. It is also important when determining what is said by the parties in a business negotiation or in an assembly.

Depending on the purpose of the transcription service, the number of voices to transcribe, the language or languages used or the quality of the audio or video, we will have to decide which type of transcription service is best for us, the most appropriate format according to the requirement and how we solve the different difficulties that may arise.

Counting on a professional transcription service ensures the quality of the work and the optimization of time and resources, which are often in short supply.

The added value of a professional transcription service

In this sense, having someone from the organization in charge of the transcription, depending on the situation, can be a risk that can result in the loss of many hours without anyone ensuring a good result.

Some also choose to "help" themselves with instant transcription tools where the reliability of the transcription can easily be compromised. Poor audio quality or situations where two or more speakers overlap when speaking are some of the main problems you may encounter in an instant audio-to-text transcription.

In addition, you should always carry out a thorough review —and more than likely correction— of the result, since these tools often make punctuation mistakes and, of course, are not capable of transcribing exclamations, interjections or other oral resources. This makes them not particularly valid for obtaining a literal transcription.

In order to transcribe a video, a testimonial statement or the minutes of a meeting, for example, and obtain a quality result, the following conditions are necessary:

  • Native proficiency in the language(s) heard in the source file.
  • Competence in the subject matter.
  • Experience and knowledge of the transcription process to optimize time.
  • Ability to perform post-transcription spell-checking.

Opting to transcribe videos or transcribe audio to text in an amateur way, even using an application or program, can be useful in specific cases, for a student taking notes or for a hearing impaired person to be able to follow a presentation. But it is not a good idea if it is needed for professional use.

Resorting to a transcription service that offers you the most suitable solution and has the necessary human and technological support in case of any contingency is always the best decision. 

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