How to maintain the corporate visual identity in international projects

corporate visual identity
By August 24th, 2022 | desktop publishing (dtp) | 0 Comments

Do you want to expand your company's services and products internationally without losing that corporate visual identity you have worked so hard to create? The opportunities to make your business reach any country are more possible today than ever before. Thanks to technological progress, the internationalization of companies makes it possible for other companies or end users to find your product or service and become interested in it.

Your visual identity is your image to the world

In order to attract and generate interest in what you do, the image you offer is a powerful magnet. The design of your website, the company logo and all the communicative elements must follow the same line. This is essential to build your corporate identity, the one by which your products or services are recognized.

When you decide to make yourself known in other countries and, therefore, in other languages, maintaining your brand identity becomes even more challenging. Your company's task is to transmit your corporate visual identity to the target markets without losing its essence.

As you can see, it’s not only about translating. To position yourself in new markets you must adapt and localize your visual identity.

What is corporate visual identity?

We usually associate corporate identity with the visual identity of a brand, although it is not the same thing.

Corporate identity is made up of the qualities, capabilities and skills that distinguish the company or, in other words, the intangible values that differentiate it and make it what it is and with which it manages to build customer loyalty. In turn, they build their own image of the brand through the feelings and trust it generates in them.

To achieve all of the above, intangible values must be transmitted in tangible elements that captivate the public, and this is what corporate visual identity does.

Corporate visual identity is the way we "see" the corporate identity. Through design, color or typography, the way in which users recognize and differentiate companies and identify with them is constructed. That's why internationalizing visual identity is much more than translating.

Graphically adapt your visual identity for international projects with DTP

Once the corporate visual identity has been defined , it must be preserved in each of the company's plans and, obviously, this includes international projects.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) maintains the look and feel of the graphic elements that make up a brand's visual identity by using specialized software.

In order to ensure that the translation and localization of content and the adaptation of visual elements are adapted to the different international markets, it is necessary to collaborate with a specialized translation agency that has extensive experience in the integration of all types of multilingual solutions to guarantee the quality and consistency of the work of each of the professionals. In other words, translation and localization professionals are not enough, because in order to provide this type of service with full guarantees, design professionals are also needed.

When translating content into other languages, most of the time the length of each text changes and may not fit in the space of the original design. It is also important to ensure that the images, color palette and typography are appropriate for the target culture and are not offensive or ridiculous.

DTP: the perfect match between container and content

A DTP service is in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the final result with a perfect fit of content and container so that you can make your company's visual identity reach the markets you are interested in.

Getting your corporate visual identity to project your company's original message wherever it goes is a great benefit for the brand. If you want to know more about this service and how it can contribute to your projects to attract international clients, contact us and we will clear up all your doubts.