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privacy and security with a translation agency
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The privacy and security of the data provided to a translation agency is one of the most sensitive issues in the relationship with clients. At a time when privacy is becoming increasingly important and companies are betting more and more on cybersecurity, translation services cannot be left behind. For a translation company, it is essential to guarantee confidentiality and respond to the trust shown by the client.

Control over data privacy and information security

The security and privacy of information in the field of translation services are covered by Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights. Spanish legislation is adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This update gives individuals greater control over the processing of their data, especially on the Internet, and recognizes that their data has the right to access, portability and the right to be forgotten.

A translation company states its commitment to the management of the information entrusted to it through the General Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy.

Privacy and digital security in a translation agency

A professional translation company such as Linguaserve establishes data protection systems integrated in a security and custody protocol that guarantees the following points:

  • Security. The privacy and digital security of customer data and information are treated with the highest confidentiality. Used exclusively as work material necessary to carry out the agreed project.
  • Privacy. Based on the above, and unless expressly authorized in writing by the client, no data or information will be disclosed either by the translation agency or by third parties involved in the project, if their collaboration is required.
  • Responsibility. Each business manager and project manager are the custodians of the information and only communicate it to the translators involved in any phase of the requested work.
  • Restricted access. Access to the information is restricted, so that the persons authorized to have access to the information to carry out the project follow a digital identification process -user and password- to be able to consult and process the data.
  • Scope. The same conditions apply to technological solutions, consultations and administrative and accounting management.
  • Once the project has been completed, the client's data will be kept for the legal statute of limitations (five years in general, except for specific terms).

The customer may contact the Data Protection Officer of the translation company for any queries, doubts or possible incidents.

Data privacy and information security vs. free translation tools

Before using any translation tool such as the translators you find on the Internet, consider how the data or information you provide is handled. Machine translation companies use them to improve the service without offering adequate data protection guarantees.

The privacy and security of your data is a priority for Linguaserve. We are committed to absolute confidentiality throughout all phases of your translation projects and other linguistic services, establishing a relationship of trust and full guarantee.

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