How advertising translation can improve your campaigns

advertising translation to improve campaigns
By April 20th, 2022 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

We live surrounded by advertising campaigns and we receive lots of appealing messages every day. Some go unnoticed, but others catch our attention even if we have never thought about using that product or service before.

Behind all of it there is a great effort in being creative and witty, which will distinguish these campaigns from others. Many of the works that try to persuade us were not carried out in our country nor our language. Then how did they actually have an impact on us? Welcome to the world of advertising translation.

Advertising translation in marketing and advertising

The purpose of advertising is to convince us to want the product or service in question. As you probably know, that is why a good advertising campaign makes the subject matter catch our eye and realize we want or need that particular product or service instead of any other.

Without a doubt it is a difficult task, in which the publicist’s or marketing team’s creativity are essential for the aforementioned to happen. But in such a globalized world as this one, marketing campaigns are not just carried out for a single country.

Nowadays, any company that wants to expand their market and increase their benefits must invest in resources to cover the largest amount of potential consumers in different parts of the world. You must, however, take into account that even if the campaign is planned for several countries that speak the same language, cultures are different, therefore some words or linguistic turns will have very different meanings.

Good advertising translation improves marketing campaigns, going one step further that just regular translation. A transcreation for advertising service makes the same impression as the one the initial text makes on the original target audience.

Characteristics of advertising translation

Advertising translation is a specialized translation service that communicates the original message causing the same feelings and reactions in each of the target audiences for which the campaign is launched.

In this regard, we have already mentioned the key role of transcreation. Experts in this discipline watch over the aim of the campaign, maintaining tone and purpose, even if this means creating a whole new text. This makes the different audiences observe the advertising campaign as if it had been created specifically for them.

Also, advertising translation always takes into consideration the following aspects:

  • The format in which the campaign is carried out.
  • The different interpretations, even in places where the same language is spoken, such as France and Canada or the United States and Great Britain.
  • The social, linguistic and cultural uses and customs of each place.

An advertising translator combines translating, creating and protecting the message, for which they need extensive knowledge of the language, culture and idiosyncrasy of the target country.

Benefits of good advertising translation

The benefits of hiring a good advertising translation service are undeniable for an advertising campaign in two or more countries to be successful.

  • You connect with the target audience of each country the same way as in the country where the campaign has been created.
  • You maintain the original spirit of the campaign even when changing the content to adapt it to each place.
  • When translating marketing campaigns you will avoid interpretation or reading errors that may ridicule the campaign or even make it be considered offensive.

At Linguaserve we know how important advertising translation is for advertising and marketing companies. This is why we put this professional translation service at your disposal, since it is the only resource that will add value to your marketing and advertising campaigns so that language is not an obstacle to get where you want to be.