Differences between video game dubbing and film dubbing

Professional dubbing and voiceover have become one of the main ways of communicating in today’s world. Specifically, video game dubbing has not only obtained a rising value, but it is a job increasingly valued even by dubbing professionals due to the challenges of the market and the opportunities it offers.

While it is true that the dubbing of video games is not the same as the dubbing of films with much more professional experience, both have some similarities in their essence, but also certain differences at a technical level. In this article we will tell you the differences between the two and the particularities of video game dubbing.

What are the differences between video game dubbing and film dubbing?

Although it may seem that they are similar jobs, the reality is that video game dubbing is quite different from film dubbing. The context, dynamics and referents change. We explain it below.


  • The most striking difference between the two forms of entertainment is that, almost one hundred percent of the time, in video game dubbing the actor does not see their character. That is to say, they have no visual support to work on, they only have the reference of their voice and the notes provided in the script, while in film dubbing the actors work on an image.


  • The video game voice actor usually works with sound files, and not with actual scenes, which forces them to adjust to very precise recording times and lengths. The lack of visual references makes it difficult to synchronize with the character’s lip articulation and body movements, which always serve as a guide and, therefore, a good job by the video game dubbing specialists.


  • The narrative plots of video games are more complex than those of movies. They do not follow a linear path, but offer several plot threads corresponding to the different options that the player can choose from. That is to say, the video game voice actor faces many phrases without knowing what will be the story line that the player will decide to follow and, therefore, the final meaning that those words will have. This fact complicates the correct choice of tonenuances and even the volume of the voice.


Characteristics of video game dubbing

Video games are becoming more and more complex and the level of artistic complexity of the video game and its technique has nothing to envy to movies. The gamer industry already surpasses the film industry and occupies the first prominent position in entertainment options.

The studios that develop video games invest many resources in their audiovisual products. Dubbing is a key element in reaching the full potential audience that demands a complete gaming experience.

Video game dubbing is also an increasingly attractive professional sector for dubbers. In fact, more and more well-known actors in the world of cinema are lending their voices to video game characters.

The particular characteristics of video game dubbing differentiate it from film dubbing and the actors who want to work as a character dubber must prepare themselves for a different work dynamic from the one they are used to in the movies.

As you can see, video game dubbing requires professionals who are specialized in this entertainment sector and that allow the filming director to ask for and obtain all possible vocal resources and nuances from the dubber. Entrusting video game dubbing to experienced native professionals is the way to deliver the best possible audiovisual product.

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