Culinary translation: 6 great benefits in the tourism industry

Culinary translation
By December 22nd, 2021 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

Gastronomy lends great value to promoting quality tourism and attracting foodie travelers who want to get acquainted with the landscape and cultural heritage by savoring the best cuisine of our country. In this sense, culinary translation is an essential ingredient that revitalizes your hospitality business to attract and promote the loyalty of foodie travelers.

What should a culinary translation be like?

Quality culinary translation is not an easy task. It is a professional translation that requires great accuracy and creativity to transmit the essence of each dish into the target language.

Gastronomy is a delicious way to learn about the culture and idiosyncrasies of a place, but winning the heart of international tourists and making a good impression needs to be done by the translator before the chef.

Pulpo a feira, fideuà, ajoblanco and huevos estrellados, among many other traditional dishes of the Spanish cuisine are big challenges for a translator. The names of the dishes in our traditional cuisine are especially difficult to translate so that a diner understands them correctly.

To do so, a highly-descriptive translation is required in order to translate texts which, in this case, are related to a dish, with all of the nuances of its preparation in its name and its description on the restaurant menu.

Furthermore, the more refined and state-of-the art the dish, the more difficult it is to explain it. In fact, there are many times in which one or more ingredients are not commonly used in the customer's country of origin.

The aforementioned accuracy becomes more relevant when a culinary translation is for a recipe book. In these books, the culinary language is more technical and concise, mostly with units of measurement, which need to be converted into those of the target country.

6 benefits of a good culinary translation for the tourism industry

The following are some of the benefits that a good translation will provide your culinary offering, hence the tourism industry.

1. The element of attraction

Culinary translation is a type of professional translation that plays an important role in the development of—and as part of—strategies to reactivate tourism. It breaks language barriers and influences the customer to plan on enjoying the culinary traditions.

2. Improves traveler experience

A satisfied foodie is an excellent ambassador of our culture and will not hesitate to tell their friends and family how satisfied they are, which will also make them consider our country as a tourist destination.

3. Opens the door to many other possibilities

Culinary history and its culture promote quality tourism aimed at visitors looking for experiences other than the sun and beach. Wine cellars, olive mills, cheese factories and culinary routes based on an ingredient or dish are a perfect way to offer a hands-on approach to our way of life in an entertaining and educational way.

4. Eliminates seasonality and encourages tourism all year round

Delicious food from different regions promotes creating foodie experiences all year round, with dishes that are prepared with the typical ingredients of each season.

5. Promotes diner loyalty

Many tourists come back to our country year after year. Knowing exactly what they are going to eat is valued by travelers, especially if they have some type of intolerance or food allergy. Knowing how to explain the dish in the tourist’s language in an appealing way is a great skill that an experienced translation agency can offer.

6. Improves the good reputation of the tourist brand

Reactivating and maintaining the tourism industry requires adopting quality initiatives. This is the only way to rank Spain as an appealing destination for tourists interested in discovering it based on the culinary experience.

Culinary translation is a key element so that your culinary offering reaches the international public. Counting on a translation agency like Linguaserve provides you with the chance to offer a first-class service that lives up to your best dishes.