Choose the best plugin to translate your WordPress website

Do you need to translate your WordPress website? To compete in a more and more globalized world and reach clients anywhere in the world, language cannot be a barrier. Translating your company’s website is essential to covering new markets and expanding.

For this reason, if you have any doubts about which is the best tool to translate all the content of your website, we’ll explain what you should consider when choosing a translation plugin for Wordpress.

How to choose among the different WordPress translation plugins

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) to create corporate websites. Despite the fact that it is not a multilingual CMS by default, there are different alternatives to translate the content you publish. The most common procedure is to install a translation plugin for WordPress that allows users to browse your website in several languages.

Each translation plugin is different and offers different functionalities. To choose between one or another you must consider the different features they offer and look into how they fit in with your project’s needs.

Some WordPress translation plugins are more focused on e-commerce websites that require fast and automatic translation in one or more languages. Some businesses also use Google’s translation technology, whose quality is not too reliable when looking for quality results.

Some also have the disadvantage of allowing only a limited number of translated words, the inability to distinguish and translate only part of the text or integration problems with other plugins that develop different tasks.

Your company’s website requires a quality translation, adapted to the nature and culture of the new markets to be reached. Choosing the most appropriate plugin for website translation determines user experience and their decision.

Why is LTC-WP the best translation plugin?

Linguaserve Translation Connector for WordPress (LTC-WP) is the most complete automated solution to translate your website.

Integrated with WP and WPML, this translation plugin for WordPress incorporates Business Intelligence strategies and tools that optimize content translation and localization processes in a simple way through a workflow for the translation of your website adapted to your company’s preferences in terms of languages and services, using WordPress’s graphic interface.

Linguaserve Translation Connector offers the following functionalities:

  • On-demand selection and submission of translation jobs.
  • Different priority levels.
  • Automated collection of completed translations.
  • Real-time control of the projects in progress.
  • Retrieving financial and status reports when needed. Free access to the Client Portal—Linguaserve’s corporate multilingual document management system.

Alongside the complete functionalities of the LTC-WP translation plugin, there is also a consulting and customization service as well as online and telephone assistance at your disposal for inquiries related to the installation and use of the plugin.

As specialists in technological translation solutions, at Linguaserve we apply the market’s strictest quality standards that guarantee the highest quality and safety in you translations.

The translation of your WordPress website is the first step to advertise yourself and obtain new clients worldwide. Check our professional translation services and plugins and reach your company’s goals for international growth.