Benefits of professional translation for your website's SEO.

If you want traffic on your website, you will need a good SEO strategy. Of course, this is nothing you haven’t heard before. But what if your business is geared towards international markets? How do you work on positioning to make your website appear at the top in search engine results? The secret is in professional website translation.


Why have your website translated by a professional? Let's look at some of the benefits.

The first impression is everything. This fact of life is no different online. Consider this: visitors decide in just two seconds whether they are interested in a website or not. Consequently, it is fundamental that the contents make a quick impact, so they need to be in the right language. As we always say, website translation is not just about changing the text from one language to another, it also needs to adapt the idea from one culture to another.


In this context, a professional translator with an expert knowledge of SEO performs two jobs on websites:


- The pure translation of the text, including all its elements, like formulas, presentations, prices, descriptions of payment and delivery systems, etc. is what we refer to as visible SEO translation.


- However, websites also contain text for the programming codes. While customers do not see this information, search engines do. This is often referred to as invisible SEO translation.


It is not so easy to generate a suitable translation for website positioning, which is why it is so important to hire the right professional. This is the only way you’ll get the desired results.



Investing in a professional translation of your online content, whether a simple web page or an e-commerce website, can bring many benefits.


Firstly, you’ll reach more people and your website will come up in the search engines of other countries, competing directly with local businesses operating in the same field. In addition, visitors will spend more time on your website.


Another benefit of translation is that your company's image will improve significantly. Your audience will see that you are concerned with the user’s experience and that you want your message to be understood. The confidence of your customers will be boosted in this regard.


Lastly, the SEO will benefit in general. Your website will be among the first listed in search results, and you’ll see improvements in decisive areas like traffic, keyword relevancy, and linkbuilding.


Choose the best service for your website translation

If you have already decided to hire a professional translation service for your website, here's one final piece of advice: Choose the right one because, if the work is no good, not only will you lose all these benefits, you may even see them work against you. Ask for information from us at Linguaserve, and we’ll advise you on the best solution.